Absurd Is The Word


I’m still sick so here is some freestyle (read: terrible) rap…which I suppose is just poetry since it’s typed out.



Laying on the couch
Staring at the TV
My body says ouch
I’m glad no one can see me

I want to play games
But the dizzy won’t abate
I’m weak, it’s such a shame
New releases running late

I want to feel better
And find some relief
I’m sick to the letter
I need to brush my teeth


As you can see, I’m very good at rapping just like PaRappa.

My aim is to have something suitable to write about on Friday. I’m sorry today was such a dud; I’m experiencing a sickness setback.

Cheers, friends.

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  1. DOPE!
    Check it one time…
    They dont know…
    Whats causing the pain that you know…
    The pharmacist, with his Alchemist approach, is still no closer, to knowing anything about the pain thats growing, inside your cranium.
    This girl has tried everything this side of eating uranium.
    She just wants a pill that will help her shake this ill.
    A game is close at hand, the controllers on the nightstand.
    Borderlands OverWatch or destiny, it doesn’t matter to me, Lock and Load, weapons hot.
    Jump in to the land of virtual reality,
    Overcome your enemy like a screaming banshee,
    Have your friends sit on the couch next to me,
    Co-op mode for the whole world to see.
    We’re going to come out on top you see, because Sir Deagan’s leading my team you see.
    Kicking butt and taking names, no one gets hurt, because it’s just fun and games,
    Get better soon kid

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  2. Hey Rebekah! Sad to hear about your setback. Have you gone to the Dr.’s? Not playing anything this week. Going to take a break. Plan to play the Ghost Recon open beta; prepare for Aloy & Horizon next weekend.

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    • The soonest appointment I could get was for next week. Hopefully she has some ideas when I see her then.

      Sometimes a break can be nice, especially if it’s a willing one! I hope you have a good time with the beta. :)


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