September Game Challenge: Week Four (Stalling)

trials of the blood dragon

Well here we are, the last week of September, and I’m not sure how much progress I’ve made in my game challenge to get current with 2016 releases. For instance, this past weekend, my goal was to play through three smaller games (Virginia, The Bunker, and Dear Esther) while also spending time leveling in Destiny.

Guess what happened?

I played Destiny in abundance, and I didn’t get to any of the aforementioned smaller games. Not even a little.

Color me sad at my lack of productivity.

I have heard such interesting things about Virginia and I can’t wait to play it. I’ve heard nothing about The Bunker but it looks intriguing. And I’ve wanted to play Dear Esther for years, so when it recently released on PS4, I jumped at the chance to finally play it.

Instead I played Destiny. Lots and lots of Destiny.

Prior to the launch of Rise of Iron, I did the impossible and assembled a regular raid team for the new raid, Wrath of the Machine. I wanted to try to at least get to 365 (light level) to be as ready as possible for it, but after I reached 350, it’s all been a slog. I even resorted to playing the new Crucible type (Supremacy) and it only reminded me of how much I dread the Crucible.

But I did it to get leveled up.

The rub? I didn’t raise a single level yesterday and that was super frustrating. Especially when it seems like everyone else is leveling up around me.

The one neat thing I’ve been noticing is that I’ve been getting a few of the early Destiny capes at relevant levels and that greatly pleases me. I love some of my early hunter capes (and still have them in my vault!), but they had long since become irrelevant. It’s good fun to have them as a wearable, and functional, option again.

Our first attempt at the raid will be tomorrow, and I’m both excited and nervous. I know, that probably sounds silly, but I really am a little nervous about tackling this raid. I’m super excited about the raid team (everyone is individually a great player and we all work well together), and I know we will be able to handle it.

I suppose it is just the unknown factor.

So, here’s my plan for the week: I will spend as much time today as I can getting my guardian leveled up as much as possible in preparation for the raid. Tuesday will be the raid. Wednesday I will hopefully get to play at least one of the three smaller games I mentioned (I’m leaning towards The Bunker because it just looks so bizarre), and Thursday I will play the other two. Friday I will try to get back to BioShock, because I have been missing playing it since I started it again last week.

Oh man. Just thinking about it makes me want to forget all about Destiny and leveling up and go right back to Rapture. This remastered collection is a masterpiece. And I don’t use that word lightly.

So, as you can see, I have many ambitions for my gaming this week. I believe it all can be done, I just need to be disciplined with my time.

What are you playing this week?

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  1. Rebekah, I feel your pain. I downloaded PvZ: GW; I have yet to touch it. Also, what October games are you looking forward to? Me., Tomb Raider, Battlefield 1, & Mafia 3 somewhere down the road. Also, episode 3 of TT’ Batman. After that, its unto 2017 for me. For Honor, Tekken 7, & Mass Effect to name a few heavy hitters. Thoughts?


  2. I’m still so tired! Deadlines are no fun. I definitely haven’t met my gaming completion goals. I blame adulthood, it’s overrated. Destiny has been fun but I failed a 45 minute attempt to scale Felwinter’s Peak. Shortly, I’ll return to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and play the DLC too. I really want to play Virginia and Inside but I may wait since I’ve so many games to play. In the mix is Fallout 4, the campaign for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Witcher 2 (then start Witcher 3) and with Halloween coming up I want to return to Dying Light. And so…I don’t know what I’ll play. Maybe I’ll copy you and make a plan. I don’t plan to pick up a new game until Titanfall 2 at the end of October so I’ve some time.


    • You are correct, adulthood IS overrated!

      Oh my gosh, you hit a nerve with that one sentence. I, too, can not seem to scale Felwinter Peak. Literally everyone else I play with has already gotten it, and I get about 75% of the way up and just eat crap over and over. I spent a similar amount of time and finally gave up because I was so incredibly frustrated. I can’t recall when I’ve been so frustrated with a game in recent years. Just watching everyone else pass me up and get there was the icing on that cake.


      Holy heck you have SO MANY good games on that list! I wish you much success, however you choose to proceed!

      (And I hope both of us get that flingin, flangin, Siva cluster on the peak. Stupid jumping puzzles…)


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