April Game Challenge: Week Three (Progress? No. Progress? Yes.)

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Well, shoot.

This month’s challenge is decidedly off the rails. The cause? Destiny’s April update. I foolishly underestimated the amount of time I would spend in space getting my guardian upgraded.

I’ve been out there a while.

On Saturday, I made excellent progress, but yesterday, I made scarcely any progress at all, even after spending several hours farming for better gear that would allow me to level up.

It was discouraging.

Last week, I didn’t even wrap up Bedlam, which I imagine I have to be near the end of. All I’ve been doing is playing Destiny. Oh sure, I’ve played a few rounds of Peggle 2 here and there, and sure, I’ve checked in on my Mii Plaza, but otherwise, it’s been all Destiny, all the time.

Since the update, I’ve gone from light level 307 to 322 which, honestly, isn’t too bad for less than a week of progress. I’ve been playing round after round of the Challenge of Elders just hoping for better gear to infuse into my current set. I’m also beginning to wonder if Xur will ever sell exotic shards again, as all three of my guardians are in need of them. My partner and I both play on my profile (my main is my hunter, my distant second is my warlock, and my husband has a titan), so while this has sundry benefits, it can also be a challenge for both of us to get in game time. He tends to prefer the competitive challenges (e.g.: Trials of Osiris, Crucible), while I go in for all the PvE business (e.g.: Prison of Elders, Vanguard strikes). The neat part, since the advent of the kiosks in the tower, is that we both benefit from unlocking various shaders and emblems which we have done much of lately.

Also, the Lion Dancer shader makes my hunter look like Ronald McDonald. No joke.

So, today, while I’d like to say that I will finally be booting up Doom 3 BFG Edition or Half-Life 2, I know I will be jumping right back in to Destiny. Silly but true.

Oh, I did do one other thing this past weekend, and that was to try out the Doom beta. My first night with it (the beta was multiplayer only) yielded positive results (my K/D was 1.8), and the second day with it, unfortunately, proved my initial excitement to be misplaced: it turns out I am not great at the multiplayer after all.


But I tried! I seem to fairly consistently do poorly at multiplayer activities, and even thought I prefer to work with others than against them, I wish I was better at it. The irony here is that two people who I’ve spent considerable time playing Destiny with (Baggins and Degan) are both excellent at the Crucible. While it is impressive, it does make my lack of talent in the Crucible all the more glaring. I sincerely want to improve, but I don’t know how much time and practice I’d have to put in to actually make that happen. With all the amazing games to play out there, I’m not sure I could justify spending however much time it would take (and it would be a lot) to get significantly better.

So with that I ask: has there ever been a game you weren’t good at but wanted to be? Did you put time in to get better? Or did you move on to something else? I see pros and cons for both, so I’d love to hear people’s experiences.

Have an excellent week out there, and cheers to whatever you are playing!

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  1. At least you are playing something, right?

    To answer your question, I guess I wish I was better at first person shooters. They’re not really my cup of tea, in general, but there are some that I enjoy. Mostly Borderlands, and Destiny. I don’t like them because they are first person shooters, but in spite of it. I like them for other reasons, one being the opportunity for cooperative play which I love. As with your experiences in the crucible with your friends, joining up with others to play these games together highlights to myself my glaring deficiencies. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn’t. Really I just want to have a fun time, but I can’t help but wonder if it would be more fun for me if I didn’t always see myself as the the weakest link.


    • Well, having played online with you, I never thought you weren’t good at a shooter, so, take that for what you will.

      You nailed something in your last few sentences. I, too, in competitive situations see myself as the weakest link and it gets tiresome. I’m good at shooters, but I’m not sure I have the twitch reflexes to be good in the multiplayer arena. It makes me feel like a loser, both figuratively and literally.

      But I do love working together with people. Co-op is where it’s at.

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