February Game Challenge: Week Five (Victory, Glorious Victory)

firewatch 01

After starting The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt last May, then stopping while waiting for two particular issues to be patched, and starting again last month, I finally, finally beat the game yesterday morning (after staying up all night for the umpteenth time to make progress).

I beat The Witcher 3. And got the best possible ending.

My total playtime was clocked in at 164.5 hours.

At one point I thought I was well above that, but that was an error in my calculation.

For a good long while there, I felt like I had only ever been playing The Witcher, and that I would only ever be playing The Witcher. And as glad as I am to have played it, I’m so relieved that I’m done so I can move on to the ever-growing list of current games that I’d like to play.

With that, I bid you a sleepy adieu. I feel another nap calling my name, and then, at long last, Firewatch.

P.S. Did I mention that I finally beat The Witcher? I just wanted to be sure.

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  1. Congrats on beating The Witcher. Up next: The Division? I’ll be playing it often. Looking to co-op with you & Sir Degan, if you’re available then.


    • Oh god, thank you. As much as I loved it (and I really did), I was ready to move on to another game.

      As for The Division, YES! Degan and I are all geared up to play on release day, and you are welcome to join us! Here’s hoping the Dark Zone is either kind to us, or that we all get really good all of a sudden to mete out some vigilante justice for all the poor souls who get jacked at the extraction point.


  2. That’s awesome! I’ve only tinkered with the intro of The Witcher 3 so far, but from what little I’ve seen completing the game certainly feels like it would be a big accomplishment. I’m afraid I’m psyching myself out about the combat the longer I wait to play it. Oh well, I’ll get there.



    • It is the most massive and densely packed game I’ve ever experienced. It was like tunnel gaming.

      The combat isn’t so bad. I beat the game on normal, but some of the fights were a little wonky. Nothing huge, just felt like there were a few cheap situations.


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