Brick: The Unsung Hero Of The Borderlands

brick & borderlands logo

Borderlands may be one of 2K’s biggest franchises, but Brick is still the unsung hero of the Borderlands. He may be the biggest vault hunter in size, but I feel he often gets overlooked for his more glamorous counterparts.

But I bet Brick doesn’t care.

In a world where talking doesn’t get you very far, Brick cuts to the chase: he can explosive punch someone across the playing field without batting an eye. Chances are he’ll let a quip fly out at the same time.

Brick gets so excited. There was once a glitch while I was playing co-op with my partner when Brick climbed into the back of our vehicle (he looked like he was wearing it). His arms got stuck straight up in some sort of Rocky victory pose as we drove around and ran over Skags. I have seldom laughed as hard as I did that day. It was spectacular.

I wish the PS3 had screenshots for just such a function.

I am aware that Borderlands gets cosplayed quite often, but you seldom see a Brick. I assume this is due to his massive size within the game (how could someone replicate that in reality?), but perhaps he’s just not seen as a good cosplay candidate?

I mean, throw on a “Taking Care of Business” belt, snuggle your favorite puppy, and grab a tank top and you’re most of the way there, right?

You could also add in several of Brick’s elaborate and wonderful lines from the first game such as:



“FOR ME?!”







or, from the second game:

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. You lost me at, ‘Instead of punching…'”

Brick is full of wonder and whimsy. And he loves puppies.

I often think about Brick showing up in other games. I think about Brick in Okami. As Amaterasu, you are running past a field of flowers and there’s Brick, tending to a garden. Or you are playing Animal Crossing and wandering around your town and there’s Brick, organizing friendly sparring matches among your needy and adorable townsanimals. Or Brick as a Sackperson in Little Big Planet, happily flopping from platform to platform uttering expletives both when he gets things right and wrong.

Yeah. Other games need 50% more Brick.

At least.

Of course, I think Brick is mostly misunderstood. I can’t fault people for this. If you look at the sheer size of him and the economy of his syllable use, it might be easy to get the wrong idea. Brick is no simpleton. Brick is just a giant dude of action. Brick is the video game form of Red Bull. Brick is going to eliminate the nonsense and get things done.

Brick’s going to explosive punch his obstacles to oblivion. And he’s going to laugh doing it.

I was elated when I saw Brick in Borderlands 2. I was sad I couldn’t bring him with me (my Maya character would have had a far better time), but I was always happy to check in with him in Sanctuary. He’s my dude.

And I love the crap out of him.



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      • That reminds me of a beer. It was called the long hammer ipa. Now the long hammer was a big sledge hammer. Used by iron workers, & railroad workers. Side missions for Brick, could earn you the long hammer. Now that would be cool. Long hammer meets dynamite. Red Dead Redemption take note, and run with this idea.
        An explosive sledge hammer in the wild west. I can see the black Smith trophy already.

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  1. I don’t know Brick, but from your description he would be best buds with Kanji in Persona 4. It would make me feel very comfortable in a fight: what could possibly go wrong with the two of them there. And then after the fight they’d be there to massage your feet and bring your favorite drink!


  2. Fortunately in games that have a deep enough character creation system, Brick could always make an appearance. I’ve been thinking about a large, meaty tank character for when I finally get around to starting Dark Souls…


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