February Game Challenge: Week Four (The Sound Of Silence)

firewatch 01

As I suspected, with my current travel plans, my gaming has slid to a complete stop. I mean, sure, I ended up playing a bit of Mii Plaza here and there on my 3DS (also, as I anticipated) as I checked my StreetPasses each evening, but I have yet to touch my PS Vita. I didn’t play anything on my computer. And I miss my PS4 something fierce.

But I did much sightseeing, and that’s important in its own right. I mean, yesterday was the first time my Fitbit Charge HR buzzed my wrist and it scared the crap out of me. To be fair, it had never buzzed before, and I didn’t even know it could buzz. It was telling me that I had hit 10,000 steps that day (and it wasn’t even late in the day yet!) and I suppose it wanted to congratulate me. Before I went to sleep, I had reached over 15,000 steps and felt like I had done my share of walking for the day.

That’s like a video game, right? Lots of walking? I did get to see several koalas eating, so that was something. And why do they always look so grumpy?

Anyway, I am way off topic.

I always think I will be able to get some game time in in the evenings while I am away, yet that rarely happens. So yes, I could have played my Vita or gotten in some solid 3DS time, however I typically prefer to spend time with traveling companions while on holiday (as opposed to gaming), so the gaming gets pushed aside. And no regrets. I’m sure as soon as I get home tomorrow, I will dive right back in to The Witcher 3. I had been making excellent progress, and according to my quest checklist, I am nearly at the end of Act II, as well as have completed around 75% of the quests in the game, overall. Not too bad. I still have a zillion question marks out in the waters of Skellige, but otherwise, I think I’m on track to complete it before the end of the month.


I love it, I do, but I’m ready to play other things. I’m ready to finally play Firewatch, Dying Light’s The Following DLC, Unravel, and Far Cry Primal. Speaking of which, I will pick up my copy of Primal on my way home tomorrow so I can dive in as soon as humanly possible. I’m still not sold on the premise, but it’s Far Cry, and I do love the Far Cry series. I’m more than ready to give it a fair shake.

And with that, I bid you adieu as I prepare for our last night away. And maybe, just maybe, I will get a bit of Vita playing in, too.

You never know.

Cheers, friends.

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  1. Yeah, same here. My handheld devices always go with me on holiday. And I diligently clear the gates of MiiPlaza. But other then that I never seem to be in a gaming mood when on holiday.

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        • Oh gosh! I’m both flattered and a teensy bit embarrassed (given the subject matter). But…aw heck, I wrote it in the first place so…awkward sex for all!!!


          Also, that was really kind of you. I’m on my way over to read it, directly. :)


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