Traveling Weekend Warrior: San Diego Edition

ass creed III liberation

Happy nearly weekend everyone!

As you may be able to tell from the late hour posting this, I may have pulled another all-nighter with The Witcher 3. And by “may” I mean “did.”

Add to that that I didn’t stop playing until well into the morning, and you have the joyous fact that I didn’t start my “morning” until a few hours ago.


That being said, I am getting geared up for a little traveling this weekend, this time to San Diego. And you know what that means: choosing which games to take with me.

Obviously I won’t be taking the PS4 so witching will be out of the question (withdrawals). Every time I go out of town I immediately want to bring both handhelds, then waffle on saying I will likely only get around to one, and possibly not even that, but then, of course, I end up bringing both.

Oh the silly and unnecessary mini-drama of it all.

So this time I’m choosing to bring both right off the bat. So what if I don’t get to both? I will still at least carry my 3DS with me everywhere so I can StreetPass it up. Now I just have to choose which games to bring.

assassins creed III liberation ps vita box art

Assassins Creed III: Liberation is one of only three physical games I own for my PS Vita. I can’t sell the system too short; I have many a game on the actual system itself. I’ve owned Liberation since right around the time I got the Vita, but have yet to ever touch it. Perhaps this weekend is the time. If not, I can always dive back in to Danganronpa, which sounds more and more awesome the more I think about it.

luigi's mansion dark moon box art

For my 3DS, my main choice is Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. I’ve always wanted to play it (I never played the original Luigi’s Mansion even though I bought it the same day I bought my GameCube), and I’d like to at least try it out if I get some downtime.

Man, I just love my 3DS. Not that I don’t love my Vita (I do), but I just love my 3DS so much more than I ever thought I would. I can definitely see Luigi’s Mansion getting some playtime in this weekend.

And with that, I bid you all a stellar weekend while I trot off and eat my “lunch.”

What are your weekend gaming plans? How do you game when you travel?

Cheers, friends!

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  1. You never played og Luigi’s Mansion? Even I have played that game. Spoiler alert there’s a hidden shot of him hanging from a rope and a strong fan theory that Luigi hung himself and it’s just his ghost haunting the mansion. Great game.


  2. I’ll mostly play Fire Emblem Fates Conquest,Fallout 4 and the division beta. When I go on vacation I don’t really play anything.

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