December Game Challenge: Week One (Feeling The Burn!)

undertale title screen

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but December sure did get here fast. All those lofty plans I had of being productive and catching up on the games of 2015 have scuttled out the window. I played a lot of games in November, but I only finished one and it was a game I have played more times than I can tell you: the original Borderlands.

That’s right! I didn’t finish Rise of the Tomb Raider. I didn’t even come close to touching Fallout 4, and over the long weekend, I even managed to keep away from Undertale (a game I’ve read that I can complete in one day, no less). I have been so unproductive it’s rather amazing.

Good show, self!

But now it’s time to get serious. Last night, I actually made a video game schedule for myself (I’m genuinely serious here) in hopes that in one month I can complete the most games possible. This isn’t ideal, as for over a week, I won’t even be near a game system (excepting handhelds), so that reduces my available game time by 25%.

I’m screwed.

But I will do my best!

I’ve been quite enjoying my time in Tomb Raider, but I’ve been exploring every little nook and cranny (what a weird word “cranny” is) and taking my sweet time progressing through the story. I need to get down to brass tacks (another weird expression) and get cracking.

I’ve also recently agreed to play through Borderlands 2 (via the Handsome Collection) with two friends, so that will be another huge chunk of time. Even though the first Borderlands is my favorite in the series, I probably know the second one best, so I hope I’m not one of those awful people who ruins things for everyone else by offering way too many playstyle suggestions. I will do my best to hold back and not snarf up all the good loot.

Honestly, I’m coming to the realization that several things I took for granted won’t be happening before January 1st:

I very likely won’t finish The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

I won’t even get to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The copy of Just Cause 3 that I pick up in two hours won’t get remotely played for some time.

I likely won’t get anywhere in Assassins Creed: Syndicate.

Batman: Arkham Knight won’t see any playtime.

I won’t finish Bloodborne (major self-fail).

Oof. That’s a whole list of no good. I wanted to not only get to all those games before the end of the year, but I wanted to complete them, no less. I didn’t put some of the more doable games on there like Call of Duty: Black Ops III (I’m midway through the campaign) as I can finish that in an afternoon. Tearaway: Unfolded will likely also get completed, but I kept putting it aside for other games. I have at least a dozen smaller games downloaded on the PS4 that I’d also like to complete (The Vanishing of Ethan Carter resides at the top of the list).

Just listing these, well, it makes me want to take a great big nap. Here’s hoping I find a way to be super productive and knock some out of my backlog by 2016. That’s all I can come up with for my December challenge: to suck less and play more.

Goals! Good to have.

So please excuse me if I don’t stay to chat, I have a very crowded list and rapidly dwindling time left in the year.

Deep gaming breath.

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    • Thank you!

      And I know, right? I mean, early next year is already looking good, and I super can’t wait for Dishonored 2. What are you most looking forward to?


  1. I wish you success, but most of all I wish you fun! I do hope to also get some serious gaming in for the month of December, however I think my main focus is going to be on more diligent gaming for 2016. It may be early to be talking about New Year’s resolutions, but that is definitely one of mine. Scheduling regular time for gaming! Nooks and crannies!

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    • I sometimes need the reminder that games are supposed to be fun and not a “chore” to be raced through. Sometimes I get my priorities mixed up that way.

      It’s never to early for resolutions or planning. I’m also working on some ideas for next year, but I will have to see how those develop.

      Nooks and crannies…such weird words.


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