The Birthday Blues

claptrap birthday

I am not a birthday person. This probably stems from a few specific causes, but (excepting a very few instances) for the most part, my birthdays have generally been pretty awful. I know it makes no difference, but I dread them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to be alive and on the planet, I just feel my progressing age.

It’s gross.

But I’m alive. Hooray!

My stupid birthday is tomorrow.

Nothing has ever quite summed up my birthday feelings like Claptrap’s sad little birthday party in Borderlands 2 (particularly around 2:10 into that video):

And there it is.

Friends, I wish I had a better piece for you today. I really do. But I’ve now sat here at my computer for longer than I care to admit and my mind is just a muddle. I’d like to think if I really tried I could come up with something better, wittier, somethingier for you, alas, my mind dry heaves in exhaustion.

I’m sorry for dry heaving on your computer screen. Truly.

I suppose I am also pulled by the lure of playing more Borderlands (all I had wanted to do for my birthday was to play the original Borderlands again and last night we completed the main game) as all the DLC is waiting to be futzed about in. And as I have often said, I am always up for more Borderlands. Literally, always.

So with that, I apologize for how pathetic this piece is and I promise that I will be back on top of my game (so to speak) on Monday, bright and early. Please forgive my preoccupation with my impending age shift.

Cheers friends. Keep warm out there.

P.S. I hope as I keep getting older that I can be as full of joie de vivre as Miyamoto here.

miyamoto sword

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  1. Happy Birthday Rebekah! I must be an odd duck, but despite being much older then you, I actually really enjoy my own bdays. Oh well, maybe the day is kind to you and gives you lots of time for Borderlands!

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    • I think that’s lovely, though! I wish I enjoyed mine, I just often end up feeling forgotten and sad. I shouldn’t let it get to me, alas, it sometimes does.

      And thank you! Borderlands is always a good time! :)


  2. I can sort of sympathize. I haven’t really had any bad birthdays, just lonely ones recently. A downside of my job is that I often find alone and far from home on my birthday and that can definitely be unsettling. But hey, you got your wish of Borderlands so that’s good.


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