How Will A Game Of The Year Be Chosen?

witcher 3 geralt and ciri

Most years, it’s hard enough keeping up with all the new major (and not quite as major) video game releases. This year was bloated with not only great games, but great and massive games. Open world games that very likely would take no less than 40 hours to complete, and that’s without a generous portion of side content.

As many of you know, tomorrow night are the Video Game Awards, and I was thinking about both the show and the coveted game of the year award.

This year of all years, I have no idea how an actual game of the year will be chosen. I mean I know how it will be chosen, but I don’t see how it will ever be an equal playing field, through no fault of anyone. It has been ridiculous to stay current with the year’s releases, and I imagine only a select few have been able to play them all to completion. How then will the voters be able to vote with the least amount of bias for the ones they have completed (or touched) compared to those they haven’t? It would be hard to vote for a game without playing it, yet certain games (e.g.: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Undertale) were released to nearly universal praise. If a voter wasn’t able to get to all the heavy hitters, how would they choose?

I never managed to complete Bloodborne, but I can see the appeal of the game. I was waylaid after a strong start with The Witcher 3, but stopped while I was waiting for two patches to be released. I have yet to even touch Metal Gear Solid V, yet I’m incredibly excited to do so. If I was asked to assemble a top ten list of games for this year, I couldn’t do that without shining on a few games that I haven’t completed. I could tell you how impressed I was with various candidates, but I wouldn’t feel secure saying “These are the best games of the year…in my opinion” as I’m so far behind the playing curve.

As I mentioned on Monday, my December game challenge is to try to complete as many games as possible before the end of the year. I have no idea how I will be able to put together a comprehensive top ten list for 2015, and it seems more this year than ever before, no matter how the chips fall, there will be no definitive conclusion.

I get that this isn’t as serious as it seems. Sure awards and accolades are great, but what’s even greater is that so many amazing games have come out this year. There was something for everyone…and then some. I love that that’s the case. I just have no idea how the people who vote on all those accolades will make concrete decisions.

Were you able to stay current with all the major releases this year? If so, what are your front runners for game of the year? And if not, how will you decide what your game of the year is? Are you also making a mad dash to finish some of 2015’s releases before the calendar changes? If so, what’s at the top of your list?

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    • I know it’s just my opinion, but I absolutely agree with you. Granted I haven’t finished it, but the scope of the game and the amount of detail put in to it were unreal. I also quite appreciate CD Projekt Red’s philosophy about their games and the people who buy them. I know there are some excellent contenders out there, but I’d like to see The Witcher 3 take the game of the year title.

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  1. I actually managed to not play a single game this year that released this year. It’s kind of depressing now that I think about it. I also didn’t play nearly enough games overall, but did have some bright moments for sure. It’s not too late, as I always have from Christmas through New Year’s off of work. Plus, that makes it easier to play more games in 2016 than I did in 2015! Silver lining!


    • That’s quite the achievement! But I also like that you are going through all your PS3 games and trying to tie up those ends. I have another friend who did that and he seemed pleased about feeling a sense of completion before moving on to his PS4.

      True, maybe in 2016 you will just blow your “yearly games completed” out of the water and this will be a distant memory. Silver lining, indeed!


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