Allow me to get this out of the way right off the bat: I’m hyper-aware that the title of this piece is truly terrible. When I came up with it and said it out loud to my partner, he (who is endlessly supportive) made a face, looked at me and said, and I quote: “You’ve had better.”

He’s right. It’s the worst joke I will make all week.

And I love it.

I know for a lot of people out there, Thanksgiving is a time of much food and family gathering. In my case, it’s about making more stuffing than I can possibly eat (stuffing is my favorite food), then eating it, and all the while, playing games. When you can eat with a fork, there’s no worry of getting food on a controller.

This year I will have my fanciest stuffing yet. My brother, a trained chef, walked me (in intricate detail) through making the ideal stuffing (he made me some last year for Christmas and I quite literally hoarded it to myself), and I will make it tonight so I can ring in Thanksgiving with some savory stuffing and some original Borderlands.

I know a lot of folks out there use the long weekend to catch up on games (and I will, too), but instead of making more progress in Rise of the Tomb Raider (so I can finally dive in to Fallout 4), I’ve been playing hours upon hours of Borderlands with my partner. It was all I wanted to do to celebrate my birthday this weekend, and we started a bit early. Hooray!

As I play through Borderlands, it surprises me how much I remember. Hidden chests, tiny details, shortcuts, and strategies, I remember most of them. It shouldn’t surprise me given that this is realistically my fourteenth or fifteenth run through the game. The last time was well over a year ago, so I’m pleased that it’s all coming back.

Another game I’d like to try my hand at this Thanksgaming (I’m just going to keep using it!) is Undertale. I’ve read so much praise for it, and it seems like the one game my aging laptop just might be able to run. So I bought it from Steam and I’d like to give it a go this weekend. I’m always up for a unique experience. I’m also super looking forward to the soundtrack, as I love game soundtracks and this one is supposed to be a winner.

So I know this isn’t a traditionally game-related post, but it’s what’s on my mind today. What are your plans for Thanksgaming (I’m going to run it into the ground! Wheee!)? Will you be playing any games? Solo or co-op?

Please have an excellent Thanksgaming (it gets worse every time!), and be safe out there friends. Cheers!

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  1. I will probably not be gaming on Thanksgiving(or Thanksgaming) as you refer to it. I will be playing either Destiny, just running some bounties, strikes, etc. Also, I am debating whether to get the season pass for GOT. Debating between PSN, GameStop, & Amazon. Thoughts? Leaning towards GameStop as I write this comment.

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    • You said Thanksgaming!!! YAY!!! It’s just the worst pun. I love it. :)

      I default to GameStop for points alone. It’s always nice to rack up a chunk of points to redeem later for money off another game. At least that’s my reasoning.

      If you ever want to connect in Destiny (if you are on PS4), just let me know. My partner plays more than I do now, but plays pretty regularly.


      • Hey Rebekah! Thanks for the offer! I’m on PS4; always looking for a second to run & gun on Destiny in regards to missions, patrols, strikes, etc. Usually on between 5-9pm EST.


        • We are on PS4 as well and are always looking out for people who want to connect (Who would have thought assembling a fireteam could be so difficult? Not I.).

          Feel free to add me on PSN: sub-tropical


      • What’s the best time to reach you on PSN? I’m usually on between 5-9 PM most nights except Fridays & Sundays.


        • My partner is usually playing in the evenings, and often he likes to play Destiny. I game more during the early afternoon/early evening, and I am often playing different games.

          You are on eastern time, yes?


  2. Eee puns are the highest form of comedy; I love it! I’ve been thinking of picking up the new King’s Quest on Steam and might do that this weekend after turkey coma.


    • Why, thank you! THANKSGAMING!

      I heard the new King’s Quest was good but a bit frustrating in that you could potentially back yourself into a corner without knowing it until a significant amount of time later. I’m actually wondering when the next episode will be released.


    • Well thank you! I’m not usually a big celebrater of holidays, but I do enjoy my stuffing. Sadly, the stuffing I made didn’t turn out properly so…oops.


        • Oh gosh, no. That sounds unappetizing. Stuffing is bread crumbs, herbs, more seasoning, and various other things, but often just celery and onion (sometimes garlic). It is my favorite food. I could eat stuffing far more often than I do.

          Last year I asked my brother to make stuffing for me for Christmas and it was so good I carried it around with me so no one else would eat it. He said he would make more for me this Christmas!

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  3. Thanksgaming! It was very low-key for me this year, dinner with some family followed by a whole lot of nothing at home for the weekend. Not very productive, but soooo good! I did manage to buy an embarrassing number of games that may or may not be played in my lifetime, which was really the only gaming related activity of the holiday for me. It was more than worth it to enjoy some quality time in my own home for a change and have the opportunity to get to know our new dog.


      • Let’s see. ACs Rogue, Unity, Syndicate, and Black Flag, Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin,The Order: 1886, MLB 15 The Show (for my baseball loving wife) and two copies of Divinity: Original Sin because co-op. And someday I hope to play them!

        Yes, she’s a sweetheart. Only one good eye and three teeth, she’s had a rough (probably mistreated) life, but has a great, loving forever-home now.

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      • No, I couldn’t bring myself to travel with both my PS3 and my PS4 since they make you take those out at airport security (like a laptop), and I really don’t want to put one or both in my check luggage. I usually grab a window seat and spend to much time watching how they throw the bags into the plane. I’ll have a good opportunity for some PS4 time soon as I may be spending most of December at home. That’ll be a nice change.


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