Gaming While Sick

dr. mario

I started to feel ill a couple of days ago. Yesterday it intensified, and last night I took some meds before bed and hoped for the best. When I woke up this morning, I was in full-blown awful mode. I went back to bed and stayed there until after noon (something I rarely do). When I got up, I felt like I was going to barf all over the place and that my head was going to (metaphorically) explode. I was both hungry and completely not hungry.

So, as you can expect, I did not feel like gaming.


A friend sent me a message telling me there was a specific thing in Destiny today that would net us an exotic sniper, but that we only had until reset tomorrow morning.

Against my better judgement, I hopped on and oof. It was tough. And yet I can’t resist the call of Destiny. And digital loot.

As you may have already guessed, I did not play well. I did not feel well. And, ultimately, we didn’t do well (to be fair, I didn’t do well; my gaming partner did just fine). We failed three times and I finally had to put it down. All that crap on the screen was just too much for my brain (and, for some reason, my stomach) to take.

The times I have been sick and been horizontal either in bed or on the couch, if I feel up to anything it usually involves my 3DS and something adorable and stress-free. Sometimes I am up to playing, sometimes not. Either way, it’s nice to have the portable option at the ready.

Feeling ambitious is great. Feeling ambitious while sick…not always so great. I’m not sure I’m better or worse off than before I booted Destiny up. I hate not pulling my weight on a fireteam, but I suppose I’m glad I tried. If I feel better before the reset (a long shot), perhaps I will try again.

So this got me thinking: if you are sick, do you feel up to gaming? Can you game on the big screen or do you like to keep it to a far smaller (and portable) one? Do you feel worse after trying to play something? Or does it have no effect on your condition?

I know this is a short one today, but honestly, looking at my computer screen is only enhancing my barfiness. So please excuse me as I am couch-bound for a nap of epic proportions.

And who knows? Maybe Dr. Mario will visit me in my dreams and, together, we can take out some viruses with that endless waterfall of pills.

dr. mario with pills png

Nighty night, friends.

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  1. I prefer to play my PS4 when not feeling well cause of the bigger screen. I usually don’t feel worse while playing and it doesn’t really affect me afterwards.


  2. Yikes. I hope you feel better!
    For myself, it’s tough to game when I’m sick. Not sure what’s going on biologically, but when I try, my head feels like it’s going deeper and deeper under water.
    Rest, water, and a little cranberry juice every so often (for the antioxidants). Get better soon :)


    • Thank you, me too! This yuck is getting super old. :(

      I definitely can commiserate with you on that feeling. I sometimes try to use my 3DS, but there are times when even that makes me feel worse.

      I have Squirt soda and Saltines. I am as squared away as I can be at the moment. Soon I shall also have a nap. :)


  3. I hope you feel better by now, but as it’s already a week ago, I bet you do…
    I always play on my handheld systems, so no big screen for me. Come to think of it, I play stress free games most of the time too, haha! But seriously, the perfect situation is to feel sick enough to have to stay in bed, not have a huge headache and not too sleepy, and then game the day away!!


    • Believe it or not, this yuck I have is hanging on. It’s quite frustrating.

      You exclusively play handhelds? Interesting. And there is much to be said for low stress gaming.


      • Not good that you’re still not feeling great 😒
        I do have a WiiU but I hardly play it. I love not being restricted to where I sit!


        • Indeed. And my doctor was puzzled as to why it has hung on this long. Boo all around. I was in bed all day today.

          During loading screens for games on the tv, I like to do bits of exercise. It helps to get up at regular intervals.


      • Yay!
        So regarding being sick, I had been feeling ill for a few days and was put on an antibiotic. I felt woozy Mon at work and barely made it to a garbage can-yuck!. I left early and returned to dr who determined after obtaining more info that my ulcer I had been neglecting and abusing apparently was to blame. It’s been a rough couple days but after getting a lot of things I needed, today, I do actually feel better, well, comparitively. I had thought of you on Mon and checked your GI page to leave a greeting. I was quickly directed to your website where I saw immediately Dr Mario! And it was the same pic I use (drawesomemd1.) Plus it was about gaming and being sick, both of which were on my agenda for that day:) I haven’t gamed a whole lot since being sick, since try as I might, gaming requires active thinking and generally sick brains frown on that. Destiny would be brutal, esp with others. Yikes. Valiant effort tho, and on a hard mission to boot. I beat Life is Strange ep3 myself. Wow! Just wow. I was very impressed and quite moved. My best friend in high school was killed building a church. I probably told you about that. Well so ep3 was meaningful to me but not the escape I was hoping for while being sick. I’ve settled on AC:Black Flag as it is pretty chill and happy. I need a low stress game and this works. Thanks for the blog. Keep doing all that you’re doing. You seem to be on fire.


        • Oh wow, I hope you are already feeling better, or that you feel better quite soon.

          Black Flag is such a great game. It’s easily my favorite in the Assassins Creed series. It’s so beautiful! Though I am a sucker for a tropical climate in a game.


  4. I’m reminded of the midnight release of Assassin’s Creed 2. I had pre-ordered the collector’s edition and was excited for my first midnight launch experience. It was mid-November and cold out, even for the Bay Area. I felt like I was the oldest person in line and the only one there for AC2 as most of the crowd was excited for Left for Dead 2. I don’t know if it was the weather or that teenage zombie survival game fans are adverse to personal hygiene, but I returned home with my prize and a little extra. I ended up confined to the recliner for nearly a week gasping as wheezing with some kind of flu or something. Needless to say I was in no position to enjoy the new game I had looked forward to for months, but I did catch up on some movies.


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