September Game Challenge: Week Three (So Much Destiny!)

tearaway unfolded

Despite the best of intentions, I have yet to play Tearaway: Unfolded. This is okay. I will most certainly be playing it sooner than later, but when it came to my time with games this weekend, most of my time was spent in Destiny.

Super shocker.

I have been trying to complete as much as I can prior to the expansion dropping (less than 24 hours, now!), and I’ve made some decent progress. I completed both subclass quests for my Hunter, and I’m nearly done with one of them on my Warlock. I rarely use my Warlock, but I thought it a decent idea to keep her current in case she might come in handy for year two. My partner spent much time this weekend playing indie games, but I have a feeling come tomorrow, the lure of flaming hammers (flaming hammers!) will reel him back in to his Titan.

I joined a Destiny group on Facebook (which in itself was an offshoot of a group I already belong to) and was immediately made uncomfortable so that may be a short-lived endeavor. It’s amazing to me how instead of being welcoming, people can immediately be cryptic, snarky and off-putting.

I don’t get it. And I don’t need it.

I received a call from my local (and favorite!) GameStop telling me that I can come by at 6pm tonight to finalize my receipt for the game and pick up a number, and you can absolutely bet I will be there at 6 sharp to do so. I know I can’t actually play The Taken King until the reset at 2am PST, but I will have everything ready I possibly can. I will stay up late, I will play the crap out of it, and I will happily sleep part of the day.

I’m an adult and I can apparently do this. One of the few perks of adulthood: making weird choices and following through with them.

Another thing I worked on in Destiny yesterday was finishing leveling my last weapon for the Gunsmith. I had to use my arc sniper rifle in the Crucible and yeesh. Between the fact that I never use a sniper in PvP and the hilarious amount of lag we were experiencing, it was an uphill battle. Several times when I got a kill with it, the kill didn’t “take” and work towards completing the data collection for the weapon. So what should have taken a few matches took hours. My co-op partner was exceptionally patient with this (and a heck of a PvP player!) and, eventually, the weapon was fully researched.

Rank one with the Gunsmith: done!

And speaking of PvP, I finally got a chance to get my hands on Mayhem mode and




I say this sincerely, but I’m not sure I’ve ever had so much fun in the Crucible. It was exactly what it claimed to be: mayhem.

For anyone not into Destiny (also, you must just love this post…), Mayhem is a new mode in the Crucible where basically everything is on steroids. Your super ability charges fast, as does your grenade and melee. Heavy ammo drops far more often. Everyone is just running around causing destruction in the most hilarious way possible. I couldn’t even get upset at getting killed, as everyone was getting killed in ridiculous ways. Add to that that I’d never played on this particular new map before, and you get one of the best times I’ve ever had in Destiny. I must have said, “Oh gosh!” a dozen times in quick succession.

It was fantastic.

I’m definitely looking forward to playing more in Mayhem. It’s easily my favorite Crucible mode yet. I don’t know how it will hold up to extended sessions, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

As you might have expected by now, I’ve not been playing any Witcher. I have fully been sucked back in to the vortex that is Destiny, and I’m so super excited for the expansion tomorrow. I have a looming feeling that I won’t be playing much Witcher or Tearaway anytime soon.

Is anyone out there doing their own September game challenge? If so, what is it and how is is coming along?

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  1. I have yet to complete any games this month and I don’t know if I will. Have fun with destiny’s new expansion.


    • I’m sure you will complete Mad Max though before month’s end, yes?

      I am sure I will have fun. I still don’t have a regular fireteam, but I will have fun.


      • Maybe but I’m getting back into until dawn and I get sidetracked in mad max pretty easily.For some reason I feel like playing destiny again. Hopefully you find a group to play with.


        • Nice! Which playthrough are you on in Until Dawn?

          Oh gosh, I do the same in open world games. I start out doing one thing, find ten more on the way, and then I start going through the list one after the next. It explains why I’m nearly nowhere in the Witcher.

          You feel like playing Destiny again?! Are you going to?

          And I hope so. We’ll see.


  2. I’m on my second and trying to have everyone survive. That’s exactly how I am. Yep I’m not sure when I will. Hopefully it works out for you.


  3. I’m hoping to maybe finish Final Fantasy XIII-2(again) by the end of this month. I just love the “villain” in this game. He’s fantastic :)
    I really want to get Tearaway Unfolded. And Super Mario Maker! I just can’t decide which one!


    • How far along in Final Fantasy are you? Also, does the name ever make you giggle? The fact that it’s “Final” and there are a grillion of them? It makes me smile. :)

      Oh my gosh, you would LOVE Tearaway: Unfolded. Media Molecule speaks to my squishy insides.


      • I think I may be 12 or so hours into it, and weirdly enough… I beat it in about 36 hours last time.Really weird for a JRPG to be completed that quickly. I didn’t unlock all the locations, so that’s probably why. I want to this time. I think I may try and plat it. It is pretty funny! I don’t even know how many there are! WIth all those spin-offs and sequels to the main installments.

        I’m playing the demo and it’s adorable!!! I will definitely try to get the full game in the near future!


        • I think you will love it. It has some of the best music in a game I’ve experienced. If the ending of Unfolded is half as moving as the initial game was…grab some kleenex.


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