When A Game Makes Your Priorities Change

destiny the taken king

As some of you may notice, today’s piece is on the late side.

The very late side.

There is a reason for this: The Taken King.

I went to midnight release (9pm for those of us on the West coast) for Destiny’s year two expansion on Monday night and I have been entirely impressed. So many changes have been made that ease up much of the drudge, it’s now far more joyful to play than ever before. It’s been so much fun that I’ve been sacrificing other basic activities just to play more Destiny.

Like sleeping. And eating. And today: writing.


I had been playing so much the last couple of days that I haven’t been sleeping much, and today it caught up to me. I took a big old nap midday, and when I woke up I thought: Well how’s about some more Destiny? Great idea!

So I hopped on with a friend and we ended up exploring the Dreadnaught for a good long while. We found a plethora of Calcified Fragments and, in the process, ending up falling to our deaths more than a few times.

(As a side note, my major pet peeve in gaming is falling to my death. I know it’s not real, but it still bothers me. Combine that with falling into nothingness in space and I have some seriously sweaty palms.)

Even as I’m writing this, I’m thinking about playing more Destiny. When I stopped playing a short while ago, I had 13 quests and 15 bounties still to do on my main character, my Hunter. I haven’t even started yet with my Warlock. I don’t think I even played the last DLC with my Warlock, so that character will take an even longer time to get up to speed. That’s bonkers. I have so much more Destiny ahead of me, and I can’t wait. I would like to say I will go to bed at a reasonable time this evening, but honestly, I’m not entirely sure I won’t pop in for a few rounds of the Crucible or any number of other things. I could always pop in as my Warlock and get started on her.

Or I could be responsible and go to sleep so I can be up early and be productive.

Productive in Destiny.


No, seriously, I need to be responsible and get to sleep so I can take care of several things before I plop down to do digital ones.

Certain games have historically had this effect on me: Borderlands, Far Cry 3, Okami, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon X, and several others. I have the best of intentions, but certain games alter my priorities unintentionally because they are so compelling to spend time in. I can never quite predict which ones will be the most intense, but I can tell you, I’m in the thick of it right now.

Those quests won’t complete themselves.

Has there ever been a game (or games) that prompted you to forgo sleep (or other necessities) just to play more? If so, which one(s)?

And with that, I bid you all a good night as I get ready to go to sleep.

In theory.

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  1. Ain’t this the truth. My eyes are burning today at workfrom lack of sleep. Thanks Destiny! Some games are like that, you just want to go a little farther, just 15 more min…. Then you look at the clock and know you’re going to pay the next day. The games that compel that behavior, generally they’re the best (subjectively). For me, Select RE titles, FC 3, Souls games. Destiny may take the cake for video crack though. ;-)


    • Ha! My eyes have also been uncomfortable! I played so late the other night that my eyes wouldn’t stop watering. I finally had to put it down to go to bed.

      Oh man, for sure. You nailed it. I always say, oh just one more bounty, then two hours later I am still on.

      Far Cry 3 just grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I played SO MANY hours of that game. It was amazing.

      But I agree, Destiny takes the cake. :)


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