Thursday Bonus Post Of Silliness! (Mainframe!)

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection_20150722195019

As most of you know, I love Borderlands. I love the irreverent humor (of the first, especially), I love the overall silliness, and I love the odd situations the game presents you with.

But last night was a bit of a milestone to me.

My partner and I were playing the Pre-Sequel Claptastic Voyage DLC, and we came to a mission that made me giggle more than I possibly ever have in any Borderlands game. The mission was called: You Can Stop the Music.

This is a teensy weensy spoiler, but the mission concludes with a super freakin’ catchy and hilarious song. A song that has been stuck in my head since I heard it.

The even better part was that the song was coming from Teh Earworm, a thresher with giant speakers on either side of his/her head (as seen above).

Just the sight of this thresher put me into gales of giggles. It was so funny looking, I put off killing it as long as I could. I mean, sure, it was attacking us, but holy good gravy, it was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in the Borderlands universe.

But that song.

If iTunes had this for download, I would be so all over it I can’t even tell you, but, alas, there is no legit way to get it. So in the meantime, I will listen to the video below on loop.

Enjoy, friends!


P.S. In case you are curious (like me!), here are the full lyrics to the song (you’re welcome!):

I’m standing in your server room
Cause I got kicked off by a noob
The lights are dim but I can see
Your hardware is full quality
I need to apply the patch
So I can get back in the match
Then something caught my eye:
A mainframe reaching to the sky

You’ve got a good-looking mainframe
I like the size of your mainframe
I’ve got a query for your mainframe
Can I make an input/output request?

[repeat multiple times]

It’s standing there so shiny
Will you accept my query
I need to prove this theory
Anticipation’s killing me
If you could just calculate
What is the optimal rate
I know you’ll pass the test
Your monolithic mainframe is the best!!!



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