July Game Challenge: Week Five (Super Fail!)

fatal frame 2 tethered

Well…that went poorly.

I knew when I was halfway through the month and I hadn’t completed the first Fatal Frame that I was likely going to fail, but I still had hope. I even had hope as of this past weekend. But when I never made progress in the first Fatal Frame, I knew I was headed for crapsville.

And friends, in crapsville I currently reside.

So I’ve decided to roll this challenge over to August. Yup, my goal is to beat the Fatal Frame trilogy before Until Dawn releases on the 25th. Because I have to tell you: once Until Dawn releases, that’s going to be my first priority. It’s my most anticipated game of the year, and I can’t wait to try it out.

I’ve written before about how horror movies don’t bother me, but how horror games freak me right out, and this month’s challenge fell victim to that. Basically, I wussed right out.

And that’s unacceptable. I want to have these experiences. I want to overcome those weird fears so I can have those experiences.

And that’s also my goal: to be more brave in my gaming.

I did make some game progress this past week, so that takes a bit of the edge off. My partner and I finished the Claptastic Voyage DLC from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and it was far better than expected. I loved the DLC from the first Borderlands, and thought all the DLC from Borderlands 2 (excepting the Tiny Tina DLC) was lackluster, but this was so good on so many levels. It was genuinely clever, and weirdly moving at times. And of course, it contained the song I’ve not been able to get out of my head for nearly a week now: Mainframe.

I also finally got around to playing Her Story, which was an interesting experience. It’s a game that is difficult to explain, but it is more or less a detective sim. You interact with a computer interface and watch these old interview clips trying to piece together what happened.

In my nearly three hours with the game, I made four pages of notes trying to piece things together. When I felt I knew what the situation was, I activated the “endgame” and it sort of left me feeling odd. Not a good odd or a thoughtful odd, but a “Wait, what the hell?” odd. I had higher hopes for the game than how it all turned out. I’m certainly fine with ambiguous endings, but this sort of wrapped up one aspect in a blindsided way that felt cheap to me.

That being said, I liked the concept and most of the game. I just felt the ending wasn’t what I was hoping it could be.

I can not tell you how excited I am to dive into Until Dawn next month. Ever since it was announced years ago, I’ve been all over this game. When I got to play a demo of it around this time last year, it only cemented my interest. There are aspects of the story I want to know more about. I want to know how my choices will effect the story. I recently read you can make it through the game with all eight characters alive, with none of them alive, and any combination in between. I will do my best on my first run to make it through with everyone, but I love that the game holds so many possibilities. It’s a feat of game development, in and of itself.

I would also love to get back to the Witcher. I’m having a strong desire to return to the game now that the onslaught of patches has happened. And I’ve also been quite wanting to dive into Bloodborne, though that one may have to wait until October. November and December are going to be packed with huge games, and I’d like to have several of these other experiences under my belt before those blockbusters release.

Does anyone else have a challenge for August? If so, what are you hoping to accomplish?

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  1. I’m very curious about Her Story. It sounds like a neat experience to share collaboratively with friends, on my next trip home maybe.

    Oh yeah, Fallout 4 alone releasing this year sounds like it’ll occupy many people for a long time. I’ll probably get around to it…2017 at this point. At least the bugs should be patched out by then. It’s the same strategy I’m taking with The Witcher. Being late to the party has its benefits, if you can avoid the spoilers.

    I’m still not sure where I land with Until Dawn. I’m not big on horror movies or games, but I do like the idea of so many different branching paths…


    • Her Story was a really interestingly made game. Without spoiling anything, I had an excellent time playing the entire thing, but found the ending left wanting.

      I hear you on bugs being patched. The good news is that the Witcher is all good right now (except for minor things, I’m sure). I’m super looking forward to getting back to that. What I played was so darn good.

      Oh I hear you on spoilers. I’ve had more than a few games spoiled for me.

      I can’t wait to find out how Until Dawn plays out. I mean, if it really has so many ripple-effects, this is a feat of game development. And I absolutely want to experience them. And I have a feeling I won’t be able to shut up about them for a good long while. :)

      What game are you most looking forward to coming out this year?


      • The most? I think I actually answered it in another post of yours, but I’ve no problem mentioning it here as well. I think it’s Divinity: Original Sin for PS4. I love a good turn-based RPG and it’s a co-op one at that! With all of my travel away from home, it’s great when there’s a game that my wife and both enjoy and can play together online. Sacred 2 and Diablo III:UEE were so much fun! So that would have to be on the top of my list. Plus, it’s hard to be too excited for other releases that are mostly sequels to unplayed games that continue to mock me from my shelf.


        • Co-op is so wonderful, it really is. I love that you get to play with your wife, especially when you have to be away from home so much.

          No way, those games won’t mock you. They just wait patiently for your attention. :)

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