System Sellers: Microsoft

xbox console

Earlier in the week I wrote about Nintendo’s “system sellers” for me. Today, I’d like to continue in the same vein for the Microsoft systems. Of the three major console providers out there, the one I’ve arguably had the least experience with has been the Microsoft brand. Here is my history with the three iterations of the Xbox.


Xbox, Halo Combat Evolved

This choice may come as no surprise to anyone, however it was to me. I had only heard of Halo in passing (was there ever such a time?) through a group of people who would have, what I now understand to be, LAN parties. I eventually got curious, and the Xbox was procured. Halo was a very different game than anything I’d previously played. I can’t recall playing another first person shooter prior, nor had I played co-op in such a way (because Bubble Bobble isn’t a shooter. It’s a bubbler.). I have very few memories of the experience, but I do know that it kick-started my dormant gaming spirit, which I will always be grateful for.

Rating: Pewww PEWWW PEWWW!!! Something about the flood and not the one from Super Mario Sunshine.

alan wake

Xbox 360, Alan Wake

This one is a little funny to explain.

From the moment I heard about Alan Wake, I’d been keenly interested. Then years passed. I couldn’t play it because I didn’t have a 360. I finally got a 360 last year for my birthday, and the first game I purchased was Alan Wake.

Here is the embarrassing admission: I haven’t played it yet.

I know, I know. I honestly have no excuse. I have wanted to play this for years. I have everything I need to complete that experience. And yet I haven’t made it happen.

Rating: I will be in the woods with a flashlight looking for my ambition to play this game.

sunset overdrive

Xbox One, ???

The Xbox One was an oddity for me. I knew I wanted the system, but I didn’t have a particular game that drove me to obtain one. I suppose the real impetus was that I wanted to be able to experience any new gen game that came out for it (Cuphead, anyone?). And I think the first (of hopefully many) will likely be Sunset Overdrive. Not only have the reviews been overwhelmingly positive, but it looks like a silly, good time.

I mean, it is filled with bright colors, a myriad of customization options, and somewhat Infamous-like traversal.

Yes, please!

When I do obtain a copy, I have a feeling it will be a fun ride.

Rating: I will shoot all the mutants with explosive teddy bears.

Looking back over these three consoles, I feel my experiences here are a bit bare, and I’m hoping to flesh that out in the future. I have so many games for the 360 just begging to be played. I’d like to indulge them.

With the arrival of Friday, I will round out this trio of posts with my system sellers for Sony. Until then, happy Wednesday, friends!

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