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Last week I was thinking about my PS4 turning a year old, and I started thinking about the games that have been “system sellers” for me. The PS4 was the first console I’d gotten upon release, and the first where there was no clear game that I had to have that system for.

I (and many others out there) jumped on the new-gen bandwagon before we had strong exclusives to seize upon. So this week, I thought I would do a three-part series on the system sellers (for me) for each of the three major console providers: Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony.

This took me down memory lane, for sure.

smb2 01

NES, Super Mario Bros. 2

I was so intensely focused on Super Mario Bros. 2 that I was writing poetry and making art about it in hopes I could persuade my parents to get me a Nintendo Entertainment System. We didn’t have a lot of disposable income, so I never expected that I would actually get one. But for Christmas of 1989, I received the system as well as the game, and I barely saw sunlight for months.

Rating: Super worth it.

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Wii, Super Mario Galaxy

Even though I had a GameCube, I hadn’t been terribly excited for the Wii. It wasn’t until I saw a poster in a GameStop window for Super Mario Galaxy that I had a mild freak out. I started looking for a Wii, however this was at the time when finding one to buy was darn near impossible. A friend gave me a heads up that a certain store was going to have not only a shipment in on a certain day, but a special on top of it, and I camped out and managed to get one. I remember clutching it to myself on the way from the store to the car, afraid I would somehow lose it before I got home.

Galaxy was beautiful and amazing, however I didn’t end up playing it (my partner did while I helped with Starbits) as I found the gravity difficult to adjust to, as well, I don’t like falling into nothingness in games. So it just wasn’t my cup of tea. But I had a great time participating in the capacity I did.

Rating: Beautiful barfing in space! (TRANSFOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMM)

little inferno

Wii U, Little Inferno

At the time I was debating the purchase of a Wii U, Little Inferno was exclusive to the system. I had hemmed and hawed, unsure if I should make the leap, at last choosing to just go for it. The very first thing I did was to head to the eShop and download the game.

It was dark and strange, and the message was powerful (I am frequently saddened by consumerism). I quite enjoyed the game, however a week later (no joke) the game released for iOS, and I could have bought it for only $4.99 as opposed to the price of the Wii U and the game off the eShop.

In retrospect, I’m glad I got the Wii U when I did, however the irony of the situation wasn’t lost on me.

Rating: Burn all the things!

gameboy tetris

Game Boy, Tetris

Oh, Tetris. Who back in the early ’90s wasn’t playing Tetris? I had played the heck out of it on my NES, and when the opportunity to play it on the go (oh that green screen!) presented itself, I had to have it. At that time, I was dragged on many car trips with my parents, and this was an amazing game-changer for those trips.

Rating: Russian puzzle-bricks on the go!

animal crossing new leaf

3DS, Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The more I read about Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the more adorable I found it, and the more I started looking into a 3DS. I ended up finding the Animal Crossing 3DS, so I was all set. I had no idea just how much time I would spend in my little town of Xanadu, but at the last system check, it was nearly 900 hours over the course of a year. Unbelievable!

I have found so many reasons to love my 3DS, and it remains my favorite handheld system. Now if I could just figure out how to put down Animal Crossing for good…

Rating: Quitting this game is my perpetual pitfall seed.

One thing I found funny when compiling this list was that I didn’t have a system seller for the GameCube. I ended up really enjoying my time with that bite-sized console, but there was no game that drove me to obtain one.

I’m really looking forward to several games that Nintendo has on the horizon, both for the Wii U, and the 3DS as well. I’ve always wanted to play Majora’s Mask, and getting to do so on the 3DS next Spring sounds glorious.

I’d love to hear which games were system sellers for you. Do tell…

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  1. My list goes as thus:

    Resident Evil remake, 0, Metroid Prime and Eternal Darkness sold me on the Gamecube.

    Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic sold me on the Xbox (nope, not Halo. Still not a fan of that series)

    I didn’t get or more accurately, find a reason to get a PS2 until Silent Hill was officially scrapped for the Xbox. And so…it had to happen. I was lucky enough to discover other gems going backward (Ico, Devil May Cry) and forward (Devil May Cry 3, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War)

    Of the last gen the 360 called to me when Resident Evil 5 dropped and they offered a nifty blood red version of the console. Not an exclusive I know but…there ended up being no exclusives for that system in the long run for me…so last year out it went.

    No More Heroes, and Metroid Prime Trilogy duped me in to the Wii. Which ended up getting little to no use at all with, in my opinion shoddy visually downgraded ports of the aforementioned RE games and just an overall lacking system title wise for me. It eventually became a reason to play GC games…which only made me cry because they looked to terrible through that system on an HD big screen. And so…out the window…I mean door it went.

    Once again the PS was last in line. Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, and God of War brought reason for me to get it. And of all the systems it is the only one I still have and have justified keeping for good as far as “old” systems go. 52 games on PS3 to date, either exclusives, or multiplats that have extras not found on the 360 or as done in side by sides with friends just seem to run/look better.

    I REEEEEAAAAALLLLY wish the WiiU called to me. But at the moment, after two years on the market there are only 3 games for me on that system: Windwaker HD and Bayonetta 2 (which includes the original Bayonetta so…I’m cheating on the count here) And to be honest that is just not reason enough to get it. And I sadly don’t see any future reason to justify the $$$ on waiting for the next Zelda game…and that being really it (for the record if a new entry into the Metroid series was announced I might throw in the towel and say DONE! If they HD’s more titles it would be a lock)

    Which brings me to the PS4 which I do own. Alien Isolation was the reason for getting it. And now I also have Wolfenstein, Dragon Age Inquisition, Metro 2033 Redux, and will eventually nab Evil Within. None of these are exclusives but I know the line up of titles that will be arriving next year are and I’m excited. And to that end I have found no draw for getting the Xbox One and having a glimpse of its line up for next year, still don’t have a reason for getting that system.

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    • wow! i still want to play eternal darkness, however i no longer have a gamecube or a wii, so i may be s.o.l.

      i am in the same camp as you: i have found so many amazing games that i never got to experience, and i feel so grateful to experience them now. and i still have so many to go!

      i hear you on the wii u and xbox one. i think both are coming into their own, however i think the wii u is still facing an uphill climb. hopefully their next fiscal year can change that.


  2. For me the main issue between last gen and this gen is too many cross plat games. The systems really were not that different from each other meaning xbox and ps. The ps2 and original xbox had some nice separation with the GC really being a strong standout for me title wise. I just feel that last gen the PS3 had far better exclusives or versions of multi plat games so why have a 360. And so far, its that same way. While the Wii and the U standout hardward wise…sorta, they both are just lacking in really heavy hitting games. For me anywho. Here’s hoping.


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