Who Knows?

smb question block 01

I have to be really honest: even though I create new posts for the “games” portion of my site every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I don’t always know what to write.

Today is one of those days.

Some heavy things occurred yesterday, and today has been about putting those things into perspective. I’d like to think I’m using my gaming mind to see the different angles and solutions.

But really, it’s a crapshoot.

smb pow block 01

I’d like to take all those unproductive thoughts and POW them right off the face of my brain. Yes, I said “face of my brain.” I believe this proves my point that perhaps I shouldn’t be writing today.

However with the use of the question block and the POW block, this officially qualifies as a game piece. Right? Right.

In all honesty, games have moments where they are so much more constructive than reality. There are tasks, missions, quests; whatever you call them, they have a set purpose and you have every ability to complete them.

In reality, no such luck.

So, my friends, I hope to have something more pertinent to games than this on Friday. And more cheery. And more game-y.

I may also have only slept an hour. This is an undeniable influence in my thought patterns and word-crafting abilities.

To all the nonsense outside forces: POW!

If only it were so easy.

See you Friday, friends.

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