Games Completed So Far This Year

resogun 01

Each year I keep a notebook for games, and gaming in general. I list games I want to keep an eye on, games I want to play, and games I have started.

However the most use this notebook gets is for the games I have completed (by date).

With the onslaught of the fall/winter titles being released, it had me thinking of the games I’ve completed this year so far (and all the ones I hope to before December 31st).

(I’m also still planning on playing all three Fatal Frame games this month. And I hope to play at least the first two Silent Hill games.)

Below, please find the games I’ve completed this year. If the date has an asterisk next to it, it indicates that the title is DLC or an episode of a staggered release game.

1.3.14     Resogun

1.3.14     Tearaway

1.15.14*   Borderlands 2 How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day DLC

1.16.14    Call Of Duty Ghosts

1.17.14    Metro Last Light

1.21.14    Killzone: Shadow Fall

1.24.14*   The Walking Dead: 400 Days

1.30.14*   The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1

2.5.14*    Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Main Street Complete)

2.10.14    Super Mario 3D Land

2.13.14*   Borderlands 2: Moxxi And The Wedding Day Massacre DLC

2.14.14    Infamous

2.25.14    Knack

3.16.14    Thief

4.26.14*   Borderlands 2: Son Of Crawmerax DLC

4.27.14*   Borderlands 2: The Raid On Digistruct Peak DLC

4.29.14    Guacamelee

5.2.14     Call Of Duty: Black Ops

5.4.14     Wolfenstein

5.6.14     Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger

5.9.14     Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

5.12.14    Saw

5.13.14    Proteus

5.14.14    Monument Valley

5.15.14    Year Walk

5.18.14    Call Of Duty: Black Ops II

5.22.14    The Room

5.22.14    Castle Crashers

5.24.14    F.E.A.R. 3

5.24.14    Tengami

5.27.14    Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

5.28.14    Master Reboot

5.31.14    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

6.?.14     Borderlands (my first time on the 360)

7.4.14     Mario Kart 8

7.28.14    Borderlands 2 (my first time on the 360)

9.26.14    Destiny

All in all, that’s seven DLC’s completed, and a whopping thirty games completed. I feel pretty good about that.

Especially since Destiny has warped my brain and I am sure I will be playing a heavy amount of the Borderlands Pre-Sequel a week from Tuesday.

Friends, I wish you an excellent weekend of gaming. To the orbit of Destiny I go.

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  1. Impressive list!

    What did you think of Guacamelee? I bought it on a sale EONS ago and have yet to touch it on Vita…


    • guacamelee was a super slick and excellent co-op experience. the metroid references to the game were spot on. but it was the art style that really blew me away. incredibly beautiful. i hope you give it a shot!


  2. Great list of games you have completed. I don’t even remember how many games I’ve completed this year.


  3. Wow that is a lot of games. Nicely done. If I listed my completed games for this year so far I think it would be a sad, short list. It makes me think that I might not be a hardcore gamer anymore.


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