face, cropped

I began painting back in the early 2000s, and Face (above) was my first piece (acrylic on canvas, 24×36). It was painted while the canvas was flat on the floor and only after it was finished, did I see the titular face.

Below are a handful of pieces I have done over the years.

(acrylic on canvas, 36×48)


(acrylic on canvas, 36×48)


(acrylic on canvas, 24×36)


More soon to come!

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  1. YAY! beautiful! I especially love the last one! ;) But the first one is pretty fantastic itself, it might be my close second favorite. Lovely!!!!


    • that is a wonderful compliment, thank you. in person, the orange one is actually blended shades of copper and gold. when the light hits it at different angles it changes the appearance.

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