Status Report: Week 17 (My Writing Is Teflon For Reading)

I have to laugh at the impotence of my writing; the past month was the worst month (stat-wise) for my website in a very long time. This, ironically, after I spent a considerable amount to upgrade it within the last two months. I have to laugh at the Teflon-effect of my writing on people. The even more ironic part? If you are reading this, and thank you incidentally, you are the outlier to what’s happening.

So what am I doing? I HAVE NO IDEA!

Since I’m pretty down about how all this is going, this will be short. I’ve barely been playing games anyway. I chose that image because it looks like a bunch of toilet seats in the background. What a weird design choice. I mean, I’m glad toilet seats exist, I just don’t know what they have to do with Kirby.

I’m down. I’m out.

I hope you have a nice week.



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  1. I’ve also not been getting much traffic to my blog so you are not alone!
    Let’s just pretend it’s because it’s finally warming up in a lot of places and people are outside playing instead of reading.

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  2. I’m sorry about your down month. Even if your posts just end up being a weekly recap of the things you did in games, I’d enjoy it.

    I’m sorry that I dont read each post. I really should.

    You deserve it.

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  3. I picked up MK 11; I have yet to play it. Plan to get into it this weekend as time allows. Definitely will be okaying it a lot once work winds down in a few weeks; summer break commences.

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