No One Can/Will See This

I’m not sure what’s the root cause/s of the mass decline in activity on my site/Facebook writing page/Twitter over the past couple weeks/month, but I can only assume it is me and my lack of interesting content. I’m not sure what to do or say about that, because I put a lot of time and effort into this THING (gestures at website with all the words), so, there it is.

To all the people who won’t see this: I’M SORRY I’M NOT MORE INTERESTING.

For the collective seven people who WILL actually see this: HELLO! I love and appreciate you.

Today, instead of putting a lot of time and effort into things, I’m just going to sit here and feel negative and play The Division 2 and wallow.

Cheers! I hope you have a better day than me!

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    • Thank you so much. Your friendship means a stupid amount to me. <3

      I support you, too. Unless it has to do with your Shaxx fanfic in which case…you're on your own there.


  1. I see you, I appreciate you. I’m sorry Facebook is so bad at showing me your posts.

    I would share some cake with you, but I’m too far away and I think my cat is trying to steal it from me so I might not get all of it either. So please accept the idea of cake and imagine it is delicious.

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    • Thank you! I appreciate YOU. Seriously, I always am interested to read what you’ve written or had to say. But you’re right about Facebook; apparently the new algorithms are terrible for the little guy like me.

      I accept the imagine cake and it IS delicious, thank you. I’ve enjoyed sharing imagine treats with you. I hope we can do this again someday. <3


    • I’m so sorry. It feels terrible, doesn’t it? :(

      To be fair, I do like crickets and tumbleweeds, just not on posts that took time and effort and brainpower. We have to just keep going somehow, right? I just keep forcing myself to plow ahead but my tenacity does little more than annoy me at this point.


      I wish us both luck!


  2. Hello!

    I love and appreciate you too! I hope you have fun with The Division 2!

    I also hope to read tomorrow your comments on Borderlands 3 announcement that just happened! Lots of technical problems, but hey…Borderlands 3! Now that they’re remastering the first one, I might give it a shot again.

    Have a nice day!

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    • AWWW, I love and appreciate, YOU! Seriously, I just think you’re wonderful, Sergio.

      And thank you! I’m super enjoying it. :)

      Oh man, I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad we finally get a remaster of the first game, and so soon! I actually just got PS Now a couple weeks ago so I could play it again, but on my PS4 so…go figure! If you do play it again, you’re always welcome to join me!

      Thank you. <3 I hope the day is kind to you as well.


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