There is no word in print more amusing to me than “fart.” Every single time I encounter fart in a book, magazine, subtitle, or the like, it fills me with mirth.

And that’s really all I wanted to say.


Real farts are fine and well, but the word, and specifically in print, is endlessly amusing to me. I’m not twelve, but I’d understand if you thought that.

Are there any words in print you are especially delighted by?


Also, for frame of reference, here are all the farts I wrote to find one I liked. Enjoy!

So many farts, you guys!



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  1. “Fart” is brilliant.

    “Cock” is my favourite, for a very specific reason, and it’s a peculiar story.

    It was the summer my friends and I were at sixth form. I can’t remember the exact context of the original comment, but as part of something I was saying, I happened to say the word “cock”. My friend Craig commented that I “said it like a porn star”, and from that point on, every time any of us said “cock”, it was done in an exaggerated form. It’s difficult to describe how, but it’s basically a case of accenting the initial “c”, really rounding out the “o”, and preferably leaving a small gap between the “o” and the similarly percussive “ck”. Ideally you throw your head back while saying the initial “c” sound, too. COCK.

    On one particular day when my parents had gone on a trip to America and left me home alone for the first time, my friend Woody came over, we got drunk and smoked a bunch of weed and then played Resident Evil 2 on PS1 from start to finish non-stop. For the three or so hours that took, we were constantly bellowing “COCK” to one another. We had no idea why, but it got more and more hilarious the more absurdly long it went on for.

    Such was the impression this incident left on us that Woody and I, some twenty plus years later, still greet one another by going “COCK” rather than a more conventional greeting. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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  2. Tit is pretty fun though. Not because it was immature or anything, it’s the way you pronounce it. And the way it’s written just rolls so well off the pen. Much more fun than Teet.

    Interesting post though, made me think… Surprising it was the word “Fart” that did that for me.

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