Poyo, Poy!

That’s it. This whole piece is for that incredibly stupid wordplay which occurred to me last night while I was trying to sleep. I was thinking BOY OH BOY and my brain went straight to Kirby: POYO POY!

What do you expect; I’ve been sick most of the week and my brain is melting. Surely that’s the only reason why it sounded funny to me. Also I’m a huge fan of nonsense sounds and words and, so far as I’ve ever been able to tell, “Poyo” is Kirby’s catchall term (a la “Smurf”).

Topic shift.

When I don’t feel well I often think about playing Borderlands (the original; my favorite), and even though my PS3 is hooked up and ready to go, I darn near subscribed to PS Now again, yesterday, just so I could play it on my PS4. I’m never not disappointed I can’t screenshot with PS Now (or I was the few months I subbed to it some time back), though I’m glad I can take advantage of the headphone jack in the controller.

Quick side note: when the PS4 was announced, I remember thinking, sure, it’s neat there is a headphone jack, but will I use it? Answer: YES. I WILL USE IT ALL THE TIME. I also remember thinking: sure, the Share button is neat, but will I use it? Answer: HOLY CRAP YES I WILL USE IT ALL THE TIME.

Back to PS Now.

I’ve been thinking about replaying the inFamous series (at least the first two and the Festival of Blood DLC), and trying to squeeze some of that playtime into a month’s PS Now sub might get me to do it. I seem to be permanently stuck in the rut I’m in, and being sick is entirely unhelpful to getting out of it.

This weekend I’m going to partake in The Division open beta, try to return to Metro Exodus to knock more of it out, and hopefully go back to Trials of the Blood Dragon. With the release of Trials Rising, I’ve been thinking about going back to finish up TotBG because that game is bonkers and I loved it. Also if you are a member of the Ubisoft Club, there is a helmet in Trials Rising you can get that is a Blood Dragon!!

Zooming out, I realize I start so many games I never finish but was enjoying. What a weird thing to do. I love new gaming experiences, yet I’ve been stuck stuck stuckeroo.

With that I ask: what will YOU be playing this weekend?

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers. And sorry for my god awful wordplay. Sort of. :)

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  1. I just want to take a minute to say it’s a crime PS3 inFamous games never got ported to PS4. Real crime! Shame on you, Sony!

    Subscriptions like PS Now and Game Pass are really handy. Most of my game time has been playing game pass games.

    I hope you can get better! Never stop fighting!

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    • I can’t agree with you hard enough here. With each new Sony property that got a remaster I’d cry a little inside that inFamous was left off the table. Those first two are SO GOOD. I love them so much.

      I love that you are making use of those services! I hope to be able to do the same. The siren song of PS Now is really calling to me. It’s just so expensive!

      I will do my best. Thank you. <3


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