Activision/Blizzard: Why?

Yesterday, Activision Blizzard reported having a “record year,” yet chose to lay off 8% of their staff (which would be around 800 employees).

I understand how finances work. I understand how shareholders and estimates work. I understand when sales expectations exceed reality. What I am always shocked by is corporate greed.

I understand companies need to make money. I think I take issue when that outweighs taking care of the staff who got them there.

When a company goes bankrupt, it’s not a shock when the staff is laid off. When a company posts record profits, it is a shock when hundreds of people are laid off.

I don’t have a point to make other than greed makes me sad. People losing their jobs because of corporate greed makes me sad.

I know I will think twice, or three times even, before buying into an Activision Blizzard product in the future. Supporting that kind of decision making seems strange to me.

How do you feel about what happened with Activision Blizzard? Will you be supporting their products in the future?

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  1. I think its a pretty messed up thing to do. Corporations are out of control and have no regard for the workers who make it all possible. I stopped buying Call of Duty years ago and the only recent Activision game I bought was Destiny 2. Thank God Bungie split with Activision because it means I wont have to buy anything from them.

    Hopefully the people being laid off find work elsewhere because it’s a damn shame they’re being laid off so all the executives can get bonus’.

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    • I’m right there with you. And I, too, am so glad Bungie split from them when they did.

      I also super hope those people being laid off find solid work elsewhere. I hate when people lose their jobs, let alone for such a stupid reason.


  2. I’m a diehard blizzard fanboy and I’ve exclusively played their products for a decade. I’ve seen activisions influence creep in more and more since the merger this last blizzcon is where the wheels fell off the wagon. Activision understands the market of the future (diablo immortal lol) and continues to limit blizzards creative base. Most of the old guard is gone at Blizzard and I feel sad seeing them shift into another hollow AAA studio, especially since they are one of the last to fall. HOTS esports got cancelled abruptly, not because it didn’t make money, but because it didn’t make enough, and put a couple hundred people out of work just before Christmas. The layoffs aren’t surprising to me now. I’m honestly concerned about Overwatch League at this point; once that domino falls the studio might be done in NA.

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    • I believe it. I just read a sobering article by Jason Schreier about the state of things over there and it’s concerning. It sounds like Activision is pulling all those strings and is telling them to release more games, faster, which goes against everything I’ve ever read about Blizzard’s approach.

      From what I can tell, the Overwatch League is doing pretty well, yeah? Hopefully they can stay strong?

      This is just a huge bummer for those involved and the games Blizzard will create going forward. :(


  3. I understand your reticence to buy Activision products. I concur witj yo regarding a company go bankrupt versus corporate greed. 😑😑
    I’m not buying any Activision games or second guessing my purchases.

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