Status Report: Week 6 (Where I Finished Everything And My Potentially Real Soul Wept)

I finally did it. I finally “finished” Everything.

As I had suspected, it did the impossible: it has usurped the original BioShock as my favorite game of all time.

There is literally no one who I wouldn’t recommend Everything to. I feel like every single person could benefit from playing Everything. Gamer, non-gamer, child, adult, everyone. It is meaningful in all the ways I want an experience to be meaningful. I feel heavier and lighter; I am a better person for having experienced it.

It is so much greater than the sum of its parts. If I were to explain its premise, it sounds painfully simple: it’s a simulation game. It’s a simulation game done in a largely polygonal style where the movement is far from fluid and you listen to lectures.


Those lectures are from Alan Watts. Those polygons take you through changes big and small and in the process show you that even though you might feel alone, you are part of everything and everything is a part of you.

If I had a zillion dollars, I’d buy a copy of this game for everyone I could. It’s not only my favorite game of all time, I think it’s one of the greatest pieces of art of our time. And that’s not hyperbole. I truly believe this game carries a great power for those who are willing to play it.

And the score! Oh my goodness, the score by Ben Lukas Boysen and Sebastian Plano is exceptional in its own right. Over the past year, I’ve easily listened to it more than any other video game score; it’s hauntingly beautiful.

I wish someone could remind David OReilly every morning that he created a piece of art that is brilliant, meaningful, whimsical, and powerful.

If I have a soul, Mr. OReilly has found a direct path to it. I am eternally grateful for his contribution to both video games and art.

I think I could write a full dissertation on Everything and David OReilly, but I will either save that for another time or hold it inside forever. Suffice to say, my love for the game and creator run deep.


Aside from Everything, I spent more time with The Division 2 beta and came away with mixed feelings. While I didn’t get to liberate the Declaration of Independence as I’d hoped (seriously, it looks like there’s a side mission to do that), I was able to finish all the main story missions of the beta so I could try out the high level version of my character. I thought it was a nice idea to allow beta players access to some high level gear and skills, but I was more than a little disappointed with the connectivity issues. My co-op partner and I could not matchmake to save our lives. He wound up queuing with strangers and I tried the high level mission on my own. I did not come away impressed. Not only were the enemies more bullet spongy than ever, but my high level weapons didn’t seem to be doing me any favors. There were robots (??) and enemy drones and it was just a barfy time. After spending about 15 minutes only getting a third of the way through the mission, I decided to let it go, particularly since none of the loot or experience would carry over to the retail version of the game next month.

I’ve found the gunplay and the movement to be floatier than the first game, but I’m still all in. I love the location and the dynamic weather. I was caught in a rainstorm and it both looked and sounded fantastic. During the storm I walked down a covered hallway and it was dark and damp and looked so good.

Now that I’ve “finished” Everything, this week I am allowing myself to play whatever I want! I’m going to go back and get the platinum for Everything (because I want to see every possible thing I can), something I rarely bother to do. I would love to play Wandersong, but I’m also looking to play something actiony. I’m thinking I will either go back to my playthrough of the first BioShock on the remastered collection, or finally play the DLC packs from Far Cry 5 to get ready for Far Cry: New Dawn on Friday.

With that I ask: what are you hoping to play this week?

Please stay safe and warm out there, friends. Cheers.

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  1. Everything is such a neat game! As a huge Katamari game, it was just weird enough to make me love it. My week is quite full, with Disgaea 5 primarily, alongside Kingdom Hearts 3 and a Fallout 4 replay

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  2. I’ve really been enjoying Astroneer. They added a lot to the 1.0 release. I’m also planning to play more KH3 and maybe some Rainbow Six: Siege.

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    • They are excellent! It’s one of those situations where it makes it look like you remember it looking. The sound was a lot crisper, too, though that could have been my imagination. I can’t recommend the remaster enough!


  3. I’m still not sold on The Division 2 but that has more to do with the people I play with aren’t all in on it yet so we may just be playin some Anthem and Crackdown for a bit before cycling back to The Division 2 over the summer. What I played of the beta, it felt more of the same old The Division. The mission structure seemed the same (straight down to the bullet spoungey bosses) and the extras in the world seemed the same. The shooting mostly felt the same but I too noticed that it wasn’t quite as snappy as the original title which had me being a bit more innacurate than I would have liked. All in all I think I liked it but I might be waiting on it.

    I think you may hhave sole me on trying Everything though, now to just make time for it soemwhere.

    This week I am hoping to finish up the Resident Evil 2 remake and get a bunch of Kingdom Hearts and Apex Legends in before Crackdown and Anthem hit on Friday.

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    • I hope Anthem and Crackdown go well for you; I’m definitely concerned about both those releases, albeit for different reasons. And you’re definitely not wrong about the bullet spongy bosses and the less accurate shooting. I hope they tighten things up sooner than later.

      YES!!! That makes me so happy to hear that!! I hope you are able to play Everything and that you enjoy it so much. <3

      You have quite the busy week!!

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  4. Would u compare Everything to Journey? If so, in what context? Just dabbling in GoW. I’m interested in Anthem at month’s end; awaiting reviews.

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