Early Impressions: Apex Legends

Apex Legends released on Monday after heavy rumors of its existence surfaced over the weekend. Yesterday, I had the chance to spend some time with it; here are my early impressions.

Queuing up is fast and easy. The interface is streamlined. I like how each person is allowed the individual chance to pick their character.

I like that one person is responsible for deploying their team from the ship; it makes the entire process smoother and easier.

The ping system is excellent. Being able to ping various locations for various purposes (e.g.: items, enemies) is entirely helpful.

Bringing your teammate’s banner to a respawn point to bring them back into the game is an interesting feature. It works smoothly albeit slowly.

The slide is amazing. I found I could often slide so much further and faster than I initially thought, even on the slightest decline. I found much mirth in testing out how far I could slide and when.

The loot boxes are fun to open (as loot boxes often are), but I frequently had no idea what the items I was getting actually were. Weapon sprays and skins are self-explanatory, but some of the other items are confusing at best.

Speaking of confusing, I often felt like I didn’t have a good grasp on any one character’s skill set. I’m sure knowledge and finesse will come with time but, for now, I felt like I was winging it more often than not.

I still don’t have a good feel for the weapons or consumables but, again, I’m sure that will come with time.

The servers were having sporadic issues where I’d be booted from them after a match. During matches, I saw some pretty extreme rubberbanding. It wasn’t all the time by any means, but it was often enough to be frustrating.

Overall, I had a solid and engaging time with Apex Legends and I’m excited to play more. Within the battle royale genre I’ve only ever played Fortnite and Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, but, so far, I’m far more engaged with Apex Legends than I was with either of those two. I’m looking forward to learning more and becoming more proficient with each character.

Have you tried out Apex Legends? If so, what did you think of your time with it? If you haven’t played it, will you be trying it out in the future?

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  1. Glad you liked! I haven’t played yet, but watched some streams. It looks cool. I like the different characters and classes and the sliding do looks fun! During Game Informer stream, Leo Vader had to slide to escape the circle closing and it felt really good!

    I don’t know if I like the map, though…it’s hard to have an opinion only by watching other people play, but the map looked a bit same-y to me overall. What are your thoughts?

    Have a grrrreat week!

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    • I saw that stream! Leo is so good at competitive multiplayer games!

      I’m with you on the map. I thought it was pretty lackluster. Hopefully they implement a new one sooner than later.

      I hope you have a great week, too!


  2. I’ve played a few matches now and I like it. I didn’t experience any issues with in-game lag or rubber-banding but I was getting booted back to the main menu after matches and that was frustrating. I’m still getting a handle on the weapons and haven’t dabbled enough with the powers to get a good feel but I think once I find one or two I like and can work with, I’ll be fine.

    I’m a big fan of the ping system, respawn banners, and flight groups as it takes away a lot of my issues with other battle royales.

    I’m looking forward to playing a bit more over the weekend and hopefully convincing some friends to play.

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    • Yeah, that was for sure happening to me, too (getting booted back to the main menu after matches). I’m glad you like the game, though!

      I’m a huge fan of those things as well! The ping system is a game changer on its own!

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