Short Takes: My Apartment Is Turning Into Rapture

I suppose that title is a bit of a misnomer; I don’t really believe my apartment is turning into Rapture, but there are definitely similarities.

The other day I saw a spider on the ceiling. It wasn’t a spider splicer, but it was a spider all the same.

R. A. P. T. U. R. E.

Some weeks back, after many months of telling our property management company that I thought the toilet was sinking (I qualified this by use of a level and the presence of a general squishiness), sure enough, apparently some part of the toilet installation had a wrong part and it had apparently been leaking into the floor for EIGHT YEARS and, sure enough, the floor had rotted. When the nice gentlemen yanked up the flooring, it was pretty f’ing gross and very much rotting.

I feel like that’s a pretty Rapture thing: leaking water and rotting floors.

Since last January, I’d been letting our property management know the water pressure was getting lower and lower. It’s reached an absurd low. It’s akin to showering under a rain gutter. They are coming this week to fix it, and I thought, again, how water pressure issues were certainly prevalent in Rapture.

I even have a splicer mask and the Rapture Masquerade Ball 1959 poster in here. I have the Tomorrow’s Promise: Kept Today! Rapture poster near my kitchen.

Do I REALLY think my apartment is like Rapture? Not really. But these water issues were on my mind and BioShock has been on my mind and I had no idea what to write about today so here we are.

The loosest of loosely based video game thoughts.

Have you ever compared your surroundings with a particular game? Which one/s?

And now: to wait for the plumbers.

Cheers, friends.

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  1. I compare my current surroundings to Skyrim because it’s absurdly cold outside and I have to huddle two inches from my fireplace because it’s the only place in the entire house that is a comfortable temperature.

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    • Aww, I’m sorry! But does this mean there are dragons there?! I mean, I know the dragons in Skyrim aren’t terribly friendly, but I believe they could be won over in reality.

      And I hope you are able to stay warm! I’m not sure what part of the country you are in, but holy moly, it’s absurd in so many places right now. Please be careful!

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  2. I sometimes see my surroundings as the original super Mario brothers. Like my walls are bricks and the annoying people at my work are the turtles or mushrooms of the flying and walking kind. Some I can use to my advantage to get other things out of my way, like the girl who loves to hear herself talk (I assume this because she never stops talking). I tell her about one of the “mushrooms” having a funny story and off she goes to proverbially knock her out of my way. I may need a therapist.

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  3. I occasionally fantasise about a crowded shopping centre being a Dynasty Warriors game and ponder how satisfying it would be to just hack and slash my way through those hordes, sending them flying in all directions (without any blood, obviously).

    My favourite shoes over the years have also been the ones that sound like the footsteps sound in Resident Evil 2 on PlayStation.

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