Short Takes: The Animal Crossing Official Sticker Book Is Delightful

I don’t think it’s an overstatement that I am borderline obsessed with stickers. I won’t go into detail here, but I’ve adored them since I grew up in the ’80s; over the past year, especially, I’ve stepped up my sticker situation.

Animal Crossing is one of my very favorite properties, and the game I’m most anticipating in 2019. I spent over 1,000 hours with New Leaf, and I can’t wait to see Animal Crossing Switch on my television.

I belong to a sticker group, and, last week, one of the members posted about the impending release of the Animal Crossing Official Sticker Book.

Well I clicked over to Amazon so fast it was ridiculous.

They arrived yesterday and I sat there, slowly flipping through the pages but looking for just one thing, or, more appropriately, one townsanimal: Maple.

There she is!! Isn’t she the sweetest?! And now I have a beautiful sticker of her! Never mind that just around her are some of my other favorite Animal Crossing things: a persimmon, a bamboo shoot, and a whale shark!

This sticker book is the best!

Not only are there pages and pages of stickers, there are also activity pages! Also, the book smells good!

There’s nothing bad here. The book retails for $12.99, but I got it on Amazon for under $10. As with all stickers I love, I had to buy two otherwise I’d never use the one.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a page to put together for my actual sticker book.



Do you have any video game stickers? If so, from which game?

A while back, one of my dear friends sent me a sheet of official BioShock stickers and I darn near lost it. I also have a couple stickers from The Witcher 3 and PaRappa The Rapper. What I wouldn’t give for a sheet of official Bubble Bobble stickers! Or Super Mario Bros. 2!

Oh, stickers. <3

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