My Top 10 Most Anticipated Games Of 2019

I love this time of year when everything is possibility. When I actually feel like I can both tackle my backlog as well as take on all the new releases of the (now) current year.

It’s the best time for gaming, at least to me.

In looking ahead, I found these games to be my most anticipated of 2019.


#10: Biomutant (release date: summer 2019)

This game is still largely a mystery, but I love the idea of playing as the creature above. This looks whimsical, fantastical, and I’m all in.


#9: Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition (release date: TBA)

I’ve wanted to play this game for years, and when I heard it was coming to PS4, I was excited. It was originally slated to release in 2018 and, as of this writing, I can’t find a current release date. I’m hopeful we’ll see it in 2019.


#8: Rage 2 (release date: 05.14.19)

Between the gonzo action, the saturated colors, and the varied terrain, I’m far more excited about Rage 2 than I expected to be. I only played a handful of hours of the first game, but I’m ready for this fast-paced sequel.


#7: Knights and Bikes (release date: TBA)

Between the art style and the developer pedigree, I couldn’t be more excited for Knights and Bikes. The atmosphere of the tiny island already has me ready to dive in.


#6: Concrete Genie (release date: 2019 TBA)

This game looks dreamy in the best possible way. You play as a child who creates graffiti that not only comes to life, but interacts with the world to solve puzzles. Something about the aesthetic reminds me of one of my favorite films, The Science of Sleep.


#5: The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe (release date: 2019 TBA)

Since The Stanley Parable initially released on PC in 2013, I’d been aching to play it. My laptop isn’t a gaming PC by any means, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to run it. So, at the Game Awards last month, I was delighted to hear that it would not only be coming to consoles, but with extra content, no less! WAHOOO!!

I am terribly excited to play this at length. I’m ready for that Adventure Line.


#4: The Outer Worlds (release date: 2019 TBA)

I’ll admit, I don’t know much about The Outer Worlds, but from everything I’ve seen, the game world looks entrancing. This is exactly the kind of game I could lose myself in.


#3: Man of Medan (The Dark Pictures Anthology) (release date: 2019 TBA)

I adored Until Dawn, and as soon as I saw the trailer for Man of Medan, I couldn’t wait to play it. When I heard The Dark Pictures Anthology would be bringing smaller horror titles more frequently, I was beside myself.

I am a sucker for horror. I am a sucker for atmosphere. And I am a sucker for nautical horror.

Yes, yes, YES.


#2: Pathologic 2 (release date: 2019 TBA)

I’ve wanted to play the original Pathologic since, well, I first heard about it years ago from a friend who said it was one of the most fascinating and punishing games he’d ever played. At that time, he’d already tried to complete it a handful of times, and had yet to “beat” it.

When I found out Ice-Pick Lodge was working on a complete overhaul (including a more comprehensive localization from Russian), I was downright giddy.

Inexplicably named Pathologic 2 (apparently to reduce confusion), this is a remake of the original. The game is now set to be released episodically, with the first episode landing between April 1st and June 1st.


#1: Animal Crossing: Switch (release date 2019 TBA)

Okay. Let’s be real here; when Animal Crossing: Switch finally releases, I’m going to basically disappear. I’ve been dreaming of a new Animal Crossing, and being able to play it and screenshot it on a big screen…oh my.

I put over 1,000 hours into Animal Crossing: New Leaf. So many nights I ran out the battery on my 3DS just trying to make my town the best it could be. The last time I checked on Xanadu, it was lovely as ever.

Having a console Animal Crossing that can also be portable has me marveling at just how many more hours I will be sinking into this iteration.

Nintendo, I’m ready.


Honorable mentions!

I’m super excited to learn more about Generation Zero and Close to the Sun. Both have atmosphere and my attention. I can’t wait to get my hands on Dreams, even though I fear I will never create anything with its massive tool set.

And I’m 100% interested in whatever David OReilly and Ken Levine are working on.

Even though I feel like they are known quantities, I’m excited to play The Division 2 and Metro: Exodus.


With that I ask: what are the 2019 releases you are most excited for?

As well, what will you be playing this weekend?

For me: I’m going to finally finish Everything, even though I’ve deliberately left it unfinished for almost two years now. I haven’t wanted it to end, but I’m ready to see credits roll. I booted it up on new year’s eve, and I burst into tears just hearing the score. It’s my insides. I love the game so much. And it’s time for me to see it through.

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers.

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  1. Hopefully finish up Ori and the Blind Forest. I’m simply loving that game. Then maybe move on to Celeste and GRIS.

    As for games I’m looking forward to there are so many lol. Currently DMC 5, Travis Strikes Again : No More Heroes , Kingdom Hearts III and Anthem at the moment.

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  2. I’m going to be preparing stuff with my wife up north, sans consoles. It’s a bummer, but I have ‘Bee Factory’ on my phone to pass time.

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  3. Biomutant is certainly on my list just from that stock image alone. The Outer World, Man of Medan (I too love horror and I love nautical settings), and Animal Crossing are also on my list. Other than those, I’m really excited for the RE2 remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, Anthem, and Gears 5.

    I wish I could get excited for Kentucky Route Zero but I’ve been burned by them (I bought the entire game back in 2013 when Episode 1 and 2 released) and it has been three years since the release of Episode 4, which I never played. Maybe when Ep. 5 finally releases I’ll get interested again but right now I can’t put any effort in to getting excited for it.

    This weekend I hope to wrap up my replay of Star Wars: TIE FIghter and make some more progress on Assassin’s Creed Origins (I think I’m nearing the end).

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    • I think the RE2 remake looks so promising! And I’m really hopeful for Anthem. I don’t have much experience with the Gears series or Kingdom Hearts, unfortunately, but I hope those games are great!

      Oh dear! I had no idea they never released all the episodes! That’s bonkers. No wonder your excitement is reserved!

      I hope you made great progress in both!

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  4. For 2019, I’m most excited for Dreams. I’m hopefully gonna be checking out the beta next week and then at some point this year finally playing the final product. There’s also an indie title called Kitana Zero that comes out in March that I think looks really great.

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  5. Cool list! Biomutant is certainly on my radar, Kentucky Route Zero is on my steam wishlist for a while now…I hope I can play it this year, and new content for The Stanley Parable! Super happy about that. It really feels like forever since they announced Knights & Bikes, I’ve been always interested on it, I hope it comes out!

    This year I have a lot of games to be looking for:
    -Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
    -Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
    -Resident Evil 2
    -Shenmue III
    -Gears 5
    -Far Cry New Dawn
    -Hopefully Yakuza 3/4/5 ports for PS4
    -Pokémon Gen 8

    Not even counting a lot of other games that I’m interested and will be taking a look when they launch. So many games!

    Have a nice weekend!

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    • That’s a great list!! Judgement looks awesome, I can’t believe I forgot about that one! I’m also suuuper cautiously optimistic about Far Cry: New Dawn. And yes! New Pokemon this year!! WAHOOO!!

      I hope you had a nice weekend!


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