Short, Sweet, And Laden With Stickers

Each year I have two notebooks: one for gaming and one for reading. During the last week of the year, I decorate the new ones as a sort of rite; I’ve been doing this for the past five years or so. Throughout the year, those notebooks see a lot of activity.

In the above image, the one on the left is my reading notebook, and the one on the right is for gaming. As you can probably tell, I’ve a penchant for stickers. That’s another passion I’ve had my whole life. I even have a monthly subscription to a sticker company called Pipsticks (which I LOVE), and through them, I joined a sticker swap group that has taken over my life in the best possible way. I’ve been exposed to some amazing people and stickers that way. What you see above is a product of some of that.

I did these yesterday because Christmas is always a little difficult for me, and I wanted to keep myself busy. I started thinking about the games coming in 2019 and I think it’s going to be another banner year.

I know this is short and random, but last night and this morning I’ve been feeling pretty lousy and more than a little barfy. I tend to stress eat around this time of year; I’ve been shoveling in loads of seriously crappy food and I think my body has finally let me know what it thinks of that.

So off I go to make friends with some hot tea, mineral water, and the couch.

A couch barnacle, once again.

What are your tried and true rituals when you aren’t feeling well?


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