A Day Of Rest

Today is a weird one. Neither Cloud (above) nor I are in top form for one reason or another.

Two days ago I accidentally hurt myself, so I am moving slower than usual. Yesterday, Cloud had to have six vaccine boosters (at the same time!) and, historically, he doesn’t respond terribly well to it. Last night he was trying to carry on as usual (please see above), but I could tell he wasn’t feeling great. Usually Wednesdays are his camp days, but today he was clearly moving slow, so camp was postponed.

We’re quite the pair.

Because of this collective discomfort, we both crashed out early last night. I literally fell asleep three times while playing Destiny 2 (seriously, I did), then slid further and further down the couch until I was fully laying down while playing (this is not how I normally play; I’m a sitting up person). After I shut the game off, I fell asleep, face down, on the pillows on the couch. It was awkward and I didn’t care.

Because of all this, I didn’t write last night as I normally do. I didn’t get ideas out for today’s piece. So here we are. A piece about nothing.

I hope you like it.

I’m going to bounce early and take the day to rest and keep an eye on Cloud. Perhaps I will play a little something, perhaps I will just take the opportunity to organize things from the comfort of the couch.

I’ll also brainstorm ideas early for tomorrow and Friday so you don’t have to sit through more of this, whatever this is.

Cheers to ibuprofen! And naps. And hot beverages. And pups napping peacefully in the empty bathtub.

Over and out.

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