Status Report: Week 46 (Let Me Out Of That Vault!)

Two days to go until Fallout 76! I’m still not sure exactly why my brain can think of little else, but that’s the status of things.

Last week I learned Prima game guides will be no more and I was really disappointed to hear that. I adore game guides and buy them regularly; I hope this news is not indicative of the decline of game guides. Sure, it’s easy to look things up online, but there is something magical about having a physical book next to me that I can flip through and learn things from.

I’m pressing F as hard as I can for Prima.

Over the weekend I had a heck of a productive time in Destiny 2; I not only obtained, and finished, the exotic quest for the Wish-Ender bow, but completed the Shattered Throne! Hooray! On top of all that, I also got the exotic rocket launcher, the Two-Tailed Fox! WAHOO!!

So, as short as this is, I’m going to leave it at the highlights of the past week and my ridiculous excitement for Wednesday when I can haul my digital self out of the vault and explore the wasteland of Fallout 76 in detail.

What are you hoping to play this week?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pine for Fallout 76 for reasons unknown, even to me.

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers.

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  1. I too am quite sad to hear about Prima. My understanding is that they tried to restructure their business model a couple years ago to include electronic guides as well (e-books and online guides) but it didn’t help to boost their sales. Unfortunatley online guides (which have been around for years) and the rise of YouTube Let’s play’s and walkthroughs really took a chunk out of them. It’s a shame because I loved getting a hardcover guide as both a coffee table book and as something with in depth information I could thump through.

    This week, I’ll be putting more time in to Tetris Effect, which is quite possibly the best new game I’ve played this year. I’ll also put in time on Red Dead, AC: Origins (I hope to get Odyssey on Black Friday), Diablo III, and Battlefield V (early access) all before Pokemon comes out on Friday.

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    • I believe it. I never once took advantage of the eguides, but I did love the print ones. I can only imagine how YouTube and GameFAQs put a dent in their sales.

      That’s high praise! I’m glad you’re enjoying Tetris Effect! Also I don’t think you’re playing enough games. :)


  2. Excited that you’re getting to play Fallout. I could never get into those games. Hope you have fun. Just going to try & get back into GoW. Got some unfinished business in a side mission. Other than that, waiting on Black Friday. Eyeing a few games!

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