Taking A Pass (But Only For Today)

I can’t concentrate. Honestly, I haven’t been able to concentrate since Sunday, and even then I was preoccupied; our pup, Cloud, is very sick.

We don’t know what’s wrong yet, and are waiting on many test results from the vet’s office. It’s bad enough that I wasn’t sure he would make it through the night on Sunday; he spent all day Tuesday at the vet’s office because they were so concerned.

They said the earliest we would hear back on any results would be today or tomorrow.

All I can do is think about him and watch him and try not to sob all day like I did on Tuesday.

He’s my baby. I love him so much I feel I will burst. And he’s only six and a half; it’s too soon for something serious to be wrong.

I keep reassuring him I’m here and I’m trying to make him as comfortable as possible, but it’s so hard knowing he is so uncomfortable and unsettled. I keep asking him to hang on so we can figure this out and get him better.

We have to find a way to get him better.

So, I’m sorry, I’m having a heck of a time focusing and, honestly, I’d rather just be with him right now in the event he needs me.

I hope he returns to normal, and I hope it happens far sooner than later. I’m sorry to take a pass on today, but I’m also not sorry that I want to just focus on him.

Please hug your creatures for me.

Peace to you and those around you.

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