Status Report: Week 37 (The Heat Is On)

This past week (and the coming one) is one of those bountiful weeks in gaming that I both love and dread a little.

With Destiny 2: Forsaken releasing last Tuesday, I should have known my weird affinity for Destiny would basically render all other gaming non-existent, and that I’d be behind before I knew it.

I played a crazy amount of Forsaken. Like, enough that I wasn’t sleeping enough both in quantity and frequency. I re-realized I may not be a desirable teammate for some (always a difficult realization for me), and I basically shut down last night.


As far as the expansion itself, I think Bungie has made many useful changes, however there is now so much to do, that I find myself rapidly becoming overwhelmed (as well as wondering if Bungie respects their players’ time).

Bounties have been added to nearly every NPC you can interact with. This, alongside all the weekly milestones, has made me feel like, even if I play constantly, it won’t be enough and I will always be behind. That feeling makes me seriously consider putting the game aside for a while, as there are so many games I want to play, I don’t want to feel I have to play Forsaken 24/7 just to stay current.

I have a lot of mixed feelings.

Adding to this is Spider-Man.

I wasn’t initially interested in playing Spider-Man. I don’t hate the character or anything, I just didn’t have feelings on him one way or the other. The last Spider-Man game I played was Shattered Dimensions back in 2010 and I liked it well enough, though I only played it due to recommendation from a friend who knew I was a sucker for amusement park levels in games.

As time passed, I knew I wanted to play Spider-Man due to the traversal. Through a strange twist of fate, I’ve recently been looking to replace my rapidly failing PS4. I’m having all kinds of functionality issues with it, and had been keeping my eyes out for a PS4 Pro. Turns out, there is something of a Pro shortage going on, and the only one I could find (at actual retail price) was over 90 miles away.

On Friday, I happened to be at the store doing grocery shopping and stumbled across the limited edition Spider-Man PS4 Pro. After a quick call to my partner to confer, I bought it. I already have a 4TB external drive I bought recently, and now I’m doing my homework to make the transfer from my current system to the new one. Things like this are difficult for me, not in execution, but in thought. I don’t do well with change, even when that change is a newer and more powerful system. My goal early this week is to get that change made, and trade in my old system to try and recoup some of the cost.

Add to all this that Shadow of the Tomb Raider releases this Friday and my brain is like…OH GAMES I WANT TO PLAY ALL OF YOU. I want to play and finish Spider-Man before Tomb Raider drops, and in between all that, I want to play more Forsaken to try and tick some of those things to do off my in-game list.


I mean, as far as problems go, these are good ones to have. I’m just a great big weirdo and I don’t take to change well.

Oh, and while I’m glad to have my new Pro (even if it isn’t hooked up yet), I wasn’t crazy about the giant white spider design. On Friday night I spent no less than three hours looking at giant stickers on Redbubble that could cover it up and make it a little more personal. I found two and couldn’t decide, so I ordered them both. My “amazing red” Pro will either have an ’80s Memphis geometric design, or an ’80s neon grid. Either way, I know I will like it.

So, this week, to recap: Spider-Man, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Forsaken (I accidentally just typed “Forksaken” but decided to correct it) where possible. It’s going to be a glorious, but packed gaming week.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this week? What’s the next big release you’re looking forward to?

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers.

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  1. I’m so jealous of your Spider-Man PS4 Pro!! I in now way can afford one at this time but I greatly coveted one, I’m a huge Spider-Man fan from that time long ago when superheroes weren’t “cool.” In grade school, I’d will the bus to move faster so that I wouldn’t miss the Spider-Man show that came on after school. Congratulations on such a rare find given that they’ve been sold out everywhere!

    I’ve a last minute work trip for the remainder of this week, and all are eyeballing the status of the hurricane, that cuts down my game time drastically. I’ve only played an hour or so of Spider-Man but its amazing (!) and it feels like I’m inside a comic book (I’m the nerd who tried to explain to everyone that The Amazing Spider-Man movies with Andrew Garfield were actually the story-line of “The Spectacular Spider-Man”).

    I’m stoked for Shadow of the Tomb Raider too, I hope to play the Baba Yaga DLC from Rise of the Tomb Raider before the new game releases. After this Friday, I’ll have my stack of fall games and I’m glad for a Destiny 2 break that gives me time to play the other titles. Enjoy gaming this week!

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    • Aw, I don’t mean to incite jealousy! And, if it helps, I probably shouldn’t have bought it, I was just getting worried about my current system.

      And you willing the bus to go faster is adorable. I hope I get to see even a bit of what you see in Spider-Man. If I do, I will consider myself lucky.

      Oh goodness, work is sending you out of town? I hope they give you a break sometime. You’ve certainly earned it. Also, I don’t know how close you are to the hurricane, but please be careful and stay safe.

      Shadow of the Tomb Raider is today!! I hope you were able to finish Baba Yaga (if memory serves, it was relatively short, but well done) so you can dive right in to Shadow. And you’re not wrong! There is a stack of newly released games right now that is exciting and daunting!


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