I Stayed Up Too Late Playing Games And Now My Brain Is Empty Of Smart Things


Smart things = thoughts.

As I write this, it’s the wee hours of the morning on Thursday. I should have been in bed hours ago; not just a few hours ago; many hours ago.

The past two nights (mornings?), I’ve been staying up far later than my system is comfortable with so I can play the crap out of Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion.

I’m old. I’m too old for this. I do know better. I know staying up all night is awful for my system. I know I will sleep the day away and feel like garbage when I wake up.

Which is exactly what I did last night, too.

When I finally fell asleep, it was around 4am. Oops. Our living room doesn’t have windows, so when I fall asleep on the couch, unless I look over the back of it, I have no idea what time it is (thank goodness for clocks). When I woke up yesterday, I knew it was late. My teeth felt like socks and I was groggy as heck. I actually thought to myself: please don’t be later than noon.

Joke was on me; the clock said it was 2pm.


Usually Wednesdays are my days to get things done. Wednesdays are busy and productive and a good thing.

Yesterday was a whole lot of unproductive. I felt a little bad about that.

Apparently not bad enough to avoid doing it again!

Of course, when I fall asleep shortly, then wake up later this afternoon, I may have learned my lesson.

Or I may turn around and do it again, unintentionally.

If I wasn’t literally nodding off as I write this, I’d try to come up with something better for today’s piece. Alas, this is the truth of my life, and the truth is that my brain is empty of potentially interesting thoughts to offer up for your enjoyment. I mean, who’s to say I ever have anything interesting to say? I wonder about that a lot, honestly.

Before this gets into existential crisis territory, I’m going to excuse myself to try to fall asleep as early as possible. Which is laughable, but I have to try.

Do you ever stay up all night? Does it affect you? Or can you pull it off no problem?

I’m getting too old for this sh*t.

Night night.

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  1. I’ve been playing Dead Cells on my Switch and it’s been keeping me up late. If you’ve played the game then you can relate to the addiction to it.

    When the Batman Arkham games were released. I think the second installment kept me up to insane hours of the night. Just being Batman and playing in that open sandbox is time consuming. Getting all the Riddler trophies is a full time employment.

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    • I really want to play it! I got it on disc for PS4, but I’ve been trying to keep my gaming schedule clear for Forsaken and Spider-Man. Hopefully after I can take the dive into Dead Cells.

      Oh gosh, I could see that for sure. Open world games get me, too.


    • I am always grateful for being able to make you giggle. :)

      Oh gosh, I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve stayed up all night (with no sleep at all), but the night Cloud became Cloud comes to mind.


  2. I can totally feel you on this as I’ve been making bad calls myself with my time at night this week playing too much of The Messenger and Dead Cells. I’ve been borderline useless at work this week.

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    • Oh gosh, I’ve heard Dead Cells is suuuper addicting! I can’t wait to play it. And I’m sorry you’ve been useless at work. I bet you’ve been far more useful than you think.


  3. I used to really enjoy playing games until 3-4am but last few years I changed a bit. I still do it once or twice a yea but I always feel that when I’m sleepy I just don’t enjoy the game as much…so I try to avoid playing after 1-2am. After this time I usually get in the “too tired to play games, not tired enough to sleep” zone. One thing I discovered I like is playing games during the morning…I usually like to start new games in the morning as I usually have more patience and feel fresh to start a new adventure!

    Have a nice friday and weekend!

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    • That makes a lot of sense to me. Also you nailed it about too tired to play, not tired enough to sleep. I’ve found if I play PvP later in the evening, I have more trouble sleeping.

      Playing games in the morning is awesome! Fresh is good!


  4. I’ve rediscovered my playthrough of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and have stayed up recently a little too late playing it. In the past year I definitely haven’t been able to maintain my previous late gaming hours. I used too wake up earlier in the mornings for game time but that’s been much harder to do. Here’s to your gaming schedule, whatever it is!

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    • Did you jump back in where you were? If so, I love that! I kind of love that weird feeling of OH WHAT IS GOING ON when you go back to a game you’ve been away from for a while.

      Do you generally like gaming in the morning?


  5. I love “teeth like socks”. I will have to mix that up with my more usual “badger mouth” as a descriptor.

    I haven’t pulled an all-nighter for a while. I used to do it a fair bit when I was a younger boy, but much like you describe here, I tend to find the consequences of doing it now tend to outweigh the enjoyment of the moment itself. I still stay up pretty late sometimes, but I tend to call about 2am my absolute limit.

    Last time I legitimately stayed up all night it was for a 24-hour Extra Life stream (archived here: https://moegamer.net/2017/11/05/extralife-thank-you/). Before that it was when I reached the level cap in Final Fantasy XIV for the first time and my guildmates helped me through the final two story dungeons. I don’t regret either!

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    • Ha! Thank you. :) Badger mouth!!

      I think 2am is probably a good limit!

      Oh man, that’s awesome. I love Extra Life. And I love when people can come together to complete raids/dungeons.

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  6. I used to be a late night gamer but life has curtailed that these days.

    That said, I bought Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 last week and I’ve started slipping into bad habits again. Staying up till midnight during the week, just having “one more game” I can’t hack it any more….too old and creaky now!

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