How Much Of My Life Have I Spent Watching Top Ten Lists On YouTube?

Full disclosure: as I write this, it’s 2am. Last night I wasn’t feeling well and went to bed early, which was good and necessary, however I woke up at midnight wide awake and here I am.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many days where I have no idea what to write. Usually Thursdays are easier, as I can wax about anything (not just games), but, today, in the wee dark hours of the night, I was stumped.

So I turned to YouTube for entertainment.

I haven’t had proper television since around 1999. Sure, I’ve had televisions (for gaming and DVDs/Blu-rays), but no cable or even standard television channels. The only times I can even say I watch TV is when I connect our digital antennae and that only happens for royal weddings and the Olympics.

Because of this, YouTube (and Netflix and Prime Video) is my main source of video content. I watch an abundance of Game Informer’s video content, as well as some Byf, Datto, and various other channels.

But, as I was sitting here trying to figure out what to write about (while everyone else sleeps), I absentmindedly started watching top ten list after top ten list.

I like top ten lists. I like them whether I agree with them or not. I like being exposed to new content. I like hearing about movies or books or games I hadn’t heard of. I like hearing what people have to say about those things.

But let’s be real: this is a rabbit hole on a good day.

I’ve watched a bunch of top ten lists on horror movies. I’ve found many horror movies I’ve never heard of that way. I’ve watched a bunch on games and gaming. I’ve also found many games that interest me that way. I’ve sometimes started those top ten lists thinking OH I WILL ONLY WATCH ONE MORE and then an hour later I’m like WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?

Oh, YouTube.

To be fair, this also happens with adorable animal videos. I will look up videos about puppies and the next thing I know I’m watching videos about capybaras and how they are possibly the most chill creature to exist. Then I will look for videos of pangolins because come on, they look like sentient horizontal pine cones and how is that not endearing?

Then I realize I haven’t looked at videos of quokkas for a while and OH MY GOSH THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLY CUTE.

You see how this can go.

So really, I guess I’m wondering how much of my life has been spent watching video after video on YouTube without realizing how much time has passed?

A lot. A lot of it I have enjoyed, but still, yeesh. There have been times where I’ve watched more videos on gaming than I’ve actually been currently gaming. I think those are the only times my watching patterns depress me because I want to be out there playing those games.

Does this also happen to you? Do you find yourself watching video after video without realizing it? Which types of videos do you find this happens most with?

And now, since I’m still wide awake, I’m going to go play some Donut County. I’ve been compared to a raccoon before (I believe it started because of my obsessive need to wash my face and hands around a dozen times a day), so a game where I get to play as a hole controlled by a raccoon appeals to me.

I hope I sleep again before it gets light out.

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  1. I don’t watch TV, either. I spend most of my days on YouTube or Netflix. I have fallen down the Top Ten List rabbit hole on many occasions. There is no end and it keeps getting weirder. As I’m interested in engineering, I’m finding more videos related to making stuff. Watching someone apply their craft is something that I can watch perpetually without ever stopping. I simply cannot look away when someone starts to solder or fit a pipe or even just code a program.

    One thing I’ve noticed about YouTube’s content algorithm is how it reacts when you watch one Top Ten List. For a good week afterward, they insist that you want to watch EVERY Top Ten List. That’s how addicting they are for people, I guess.

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    • Oh man, yeah, some of the weird ones just bring up questions for me so I start exploring topics and then it’s 2am and I’m like…oh dear.

      I agree, watching those videos is mesmerizing.

      You’re not kidding! I clicked on a music video for an artist I’m not super into and immediately stopped it, but YouTube still recommended me their other videos for like three weeks after.


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