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Every time I go on holiday (which, admittedly, is typically only once a year), I ask myself which gaming device/s I should bring, and which games for said device/s. I ponder the options and, historically, I used to take far too many devices and then use absolutely none of them.

This time I decided to bring just the Switch and the four games I have for it. I told myself I’d start Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker on the plane (I did). After only an hour with it, I realized I’d far rather play it on the big screen of a television and promptly put it away.

I’d realized the same thing about Super Mario Odyssey when I started it last December.

(Did I ever finish it? No.)

This is confusing because I used to play my 3DS often. When I’d take it with me going, well, anywhere really, I’d make good use of it. I played Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’d play various Pokemons. I’d play any number of other titles, but, the point being, I played it.

After I settled down last night, I realized all I wanted to play was Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. But my 3DS isn’t with me and I can’t realize that particular gaming whim.

It’s so silly. It’s like when someone wants to borrow a certain game or movie, and the moment you’ve lent it to them and the game/movie is no longer available, that’s all you can think about. It might be a game/movie you’ve had for ages, but something about it being just out of reach makes it all the more interesting.

Since that particular situation isn’t going to change in the immediate future, I started thinking: hey! I can play some of those smaller Steam games I’ve bought over the years!

There is a fundamental flaw in this theory: I haven’t played a game on my computer in years. There are two reasons for this. One: my computer is functional, but low-end. It can’t run much of anything by way of games. And two: as much as I love and appreciate my computer, I’ve never been into the idea of playing games on it. I much prefer to console game.

Despite these things, I may try to give a couple smaller games a shot. Really I just want to keep my momentum going as far as playing new things; now that I’ve broken out of my rut, I don’t want to lapse back into inactivity.

I think it’s funny; I haven’t played much Destiny at all over the past week. The moment it wasn’t an option, I found myself thinking: I could sure go for some Destiny right now.

The moment I couldn’t play Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, it became all I could think about playing.

Brains are funny. They are also sometimes confounding.

Does this ever happen to you? Do you ever find yourself besieged by the passion to play a game you, for whatever reason, can’t? If so, what do you do?

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  1. Have a wonderful trip and fun adventures! Ah yes I know that feeling well too. The game that you want to play most is always the game that you don’t have. Now and then I’ll overwhelmingly want to play a particular title such as an Assassin’s Creed game or a random title in my backlog. For awhile I’d give in to the impulse but it resulted that I had a ton of games started and nowhere near completed. I try not to start a new game unless I plan to finish it. But I try to play what I want to play. It’s a weird balance.

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    • Thank you! It’s weirdly as hot here right now as it was where we came from!

      Isn’t that so strange? Brains are funny. And I definitely relate to starting games and even though you’re still interested in them, they get put aside.

      I hope you do find that balance. I need to find one, myself.


  2. Oh, you will. I always do in these kinds of situations and the whole wildfire thing was taken care of. Some dolt that it would be fun to prank his neighbor by setting the forest in his backyard on fire.

    And, just always find something you enjoy to get this whole struggle off your mind, or at least have it wash off of you for a moment. I always do with writing or a night of some kind of game. It’s something I enjoy and I try not to indulge myself in something depressing. I think that’s why I stray away from Fallout 4… Because of the lost potential it had and how much they stole from the modding community… Anyways! Just find something you thoroughly enjoy and have that sink into your mind. I know there are things like life punched ya with this awful tax strike or your landlord is threatening to kick you out if something you have no control over goes wrong, but you can relax with something as this is happening, look for some You Time in the day to make these struggles seem more… Not distant, but easier to get around. So, yeah. Do all that if you want and I hope for the best for you.

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