Free Day: Part Two (Even Freer)

Once I found out it was supposed to be over 110 degrees here today, I decided, F IT, I’M GIVING MYSELF ANOTHER FREE DAY! So, if you took my currently cavalier attitude and put it into Kirby form, I’m pretty sure I’d be Sub Kirby; I mean, look at how happy he is! Ready to putter through the sea on his way to the weekend.

He’s so darn cute.

Today, out of the blue (after weeks of mid to high 80 degree temperatures), it’s apparently going to jump to 111 degrees. Now I love hot weather, but that’s too hot for me, and definitely too hot for Cloud, our dog. My plan is to take him to the dog park the moment it opens, run him around so he gets good and tired, them come home and continually bask in the glory that is air conditioning.

I am seriously grateful for air conditioning.

If he does wind up having to go outside, I have a set of those dog shoes so he doesn’t hurt his paw pads. I’m sure he’ll just love me for putting them on him.

Sorry in advance, pupper. But not really sorry.

Because the day will be front-loaded, that leaves the rest of the day for more Free Day antics! It’s also horror movie Friday, and our neighbors recently lent me 31 so I’m pretty sure that’s on the docket. I’m also hoping to finally (for real this time) start Shape of the World, and maybe even try out Lumines: Remastered.

I’ve also been thinking a whole lot about the inFamous series. I played through the first game a couple years back and still adore it. I was thinking I never went back to the second game, and I’m feeling a great big pull to do that. So who knows? Maybe I’ll be seeing Cole MacGrath again sooner than later. Man, I didn’t love Second Son, but I do adore the first two games (and the Festival of Blood DLC).

I think the theme of this weekend will be staying indoors as much as possible to avoid exposing pup to excessive temperatures. Apparently Saturday is also supposed to be over 100 degrees. Super no thanks.

I’m sure I will also be reading up a storm, as I’ve been catching up on some books I’ve been behind on. I’m on a heavy horror/suspense/mystery/thriller kick.

With that I ask: what will you be playing and (doing) this weekend?

Please be safe out there and I hope you stay cool; time to break out the Otter Pops.

Cheers, friends!

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  1. Lumines Remastered is a ton of fun.

    I’ll be getting ready to leave for vacation but in between packing and such, I’ll probably find some time to finish up the story mode of LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and put a little time in to The Legend of Dragoon on PSX.

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  2. I FINALLY finished Mass Effect: Andromeda (96 hours)! It was good. Not great. But I love the Mass Effect universe and devoted myself to playing the entirety of Andromeda. I have a lot of work to do this weekend. I set up my old Playstation 2 on a spare TV and I really want to play Kingdom Hearts 2 (never did). Or maybe I’ll return to Dying Light or Observer. Stay cool! It’s supposed to finally cool down and stop pouring rain here but I too plan to stay solidly inside.

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    • Hey! Congratulations!! I know you’d been working at that for a while and I’m sure it was a relief to see credits roll.

      I also want to play Observer!

      It’s raining there?! I’m a teensy bit jealous. And I hope your work goes quickly.


  3. I finished playing GoW; what a game; an interesting surprise ending too! Picked up Sniper Elite 3 a few days ago. I’ll be playing that & side questing GoW this week.

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