Recap: Sony’s E3 2018 Press Conference

Sony closed out the evening with their press conference. Here are the highlights.

Shawn Layden took the stage to open the show. He brought Gustavo Santaolalla onstage to perform.

An extended trailer for The Last of Us: Part II was shown.

Sid Shuman and Ryan Clements did a bit of an aside interview with Shawn Layden. They discussed The Last of Us: Part II as well as Naughty Dog at large.

A trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII was shown (IIII is how the game is stylizing the 4) showcasing multiplayer maps.

Black Ops III is coming for free to PS+ tonight. If you pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII on the PlayStation Store, you get additional maps for free in both games.

Various advertisements for games were shown.

(This is a VERY strange press conference.)

A trailer for Destiny: Forsaken was shown. The expansion releases on 09.04.18.

A extended trailer for Ghost of Tsushima was shown.

A trailer for Control was shown. It’s a new game from Remedy coming in 2019.

A trailer for Resident Evil 2: Remake was shown. The game will release 01.25.19.

A trailer for Trover Saves the Universe was shown.

A trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 was shown. The game releases 01.29.19.

An extended trailer for Death Stranding was shown.

A trailer for Nioh 2 was shown.

An extended trailer for Spider-Man was shown. The game releases 09.07.18.

A trailer for Deracine was shown, a new title from From Software coming to PSVR.


What did you think about Sony’s presentation? I’d like to go into my feelings on Sony’s conference at a later date, but I’ll go on record to say it was one of the most bizarre E3 press conferences I’ve ever seen.

See you back here in the morning for my recap of Nintendo’s press conference.

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  1. After mulling over what to say. Here are my thoughts on the Sony press conference. It started on a very strange note. I didn’t like the direction that they decided to go in. The pacing felt off; what was that “intermission” about a quarter of the way into the presentation? The games were few & far between; they kept to their promise of doing a “deep dive” into the main titles that they’re working on. That I really enjoyed.
    As for the games, I enjoyed the Spiderman gameplay. It was crisp, smooth, action-packed. The voice acting was on point; no interruptions from what I could hear & see. The scene transitions were smooth as Italian crystal. Next, for me, would be Ghost of Tsushima. The art style was awesome; the scenes were full of detail, action, etc. The color palette/scheme is definitely reminiscent of what you’d expect for the period. I like how they stayed true to the historical time period. This is definitely a 2019/20 release, imho! I like what I saw; it’s on my radar for games to keep an eye on.
    Not sure what to make of Control; I’ll reserve my comments until I see more. Too early to pass judgment. Destiny trailer was smooth; it looked like something I might play. Emphasis on might!
    Death Stranding was an enigma; not sure what to make of what I saw. I guess you can call it “gameplay”. There were some things that kind of made sense. Like how the baby was used to power the pack on his back; the “black goo”. If you can call it that. Not sure my thoughts; reserving further comments until I see more.
    Lastly, Last of Us 2. What a game! I didn’t like the first one. There was something about this game; that might make me get back into this franchise. Ellie’ love interest; interesting direction on that. The gameplay was reminiscent of the last game; I like how they showcased it. They give you options like Tomb Raider for stealth. I might pick this up; I need to see more, imho!
    Those are my thoughts! Rebekah, what do you have to say?

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  2. I just want to say damn Bungie. I thought I was out and done with Destiny 2. I was not blown away by the announcement trailer. It just sounded more of the same: this time we listened, we swear you’ll like it.

    But then they had to show Cayde being shot and the Queens Brother pulling the trigger. I have always loved the Awoken and this DLC looks like a deep dive into the reef. I’m excited but I should wait for reviews to be sure.

    This franchise always seems to pull me back from quitting. I hope this one is good

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    • Oh yeah, that Forsaken announcement trailer was almost a throwaway moment and I was like…wait…did he just kill Cayde?!

      I very much hope Forsaken will be Destiny 2’s Taken King moment, but I’m also wondering why it needed one after the lessons learned from the first game.


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