Status Report: Week 22 (Laying Low)

Due to the holiday weekend, I’ve mostly been doing a whole lot of nothing. I’ve barely been playing games. I’ve been reading. I’ve been at the dog park every morning. I’ve enjoyed a long nap.

Exciting stuff.

Over the past week, most of what I’ve been playing has been Destiny 2. While I enjoyed the Warmind expansion for what it was, I’m already growing weary of the grind. I’m hopeful for the nebulous fall update, but I’m also not holding my breath that it will make Destiny 2 as enjoyable as the first game was.

I’m already mentally gearing up for E3. I feel like the vibe going into this year’s show is a bit more subdued than usual, and it leads me to believe there are some major surprises in store. Then again, that could just be my hope. I suppose we’ll see in a little under two weeks.

Since it’s been a slow week, I’ll keep this one short. I hope to finally start Detroit: Become Human today, as well as finish up some of the things I’ve been trying to do in Destiny 2. There are a couple of smaller titles arriving soon that I’m interested in and I’d like to tackle those, too, once they arrive.

With that I ask: what are you hoping to play this week?

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers.

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  1. I will be playing with the bbq today. Feeding the masses. No gaming for me.
    I hope you are doing well. Laying low and enjoying time at the dog park sounds rather serene.
    Ps. I found two “Abandon cups of the Couve.” I should send the photographs to you.
    Keep up the good work.

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    • Feeding the masses? I hope that went well. Your food is the yummiest.

      I do enjoy the quiet mornings at the dog park. Bonding time with Cloud is always lovely, and I am always proud of myself for hauling my ass there no matter how I’m feeling.

      So many cups. And thank you.


  2. I finished Deadly Premonition a while ago, I give the game props for having an interesting tale to tell, but actually playing it is a bummer. I’ll probably play more Persona Q this week, but I’ve also started playing Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood recently.

    I’m also looking forward to E3! Have a good week!

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    • I think you nailed Deadly Premonition! I felt like the story was so cool but it did everything in its power to get in its own way. A bummer, indeed.

      I hope you enjoy whatever you’re playing, and E3 is so close!! WHEEE!!! (Also I hope you have a good week, too.)


  3. I finished God of War’s main story but there’s still plenty of side missions for me to complete. It was a fun game but the combat was frustrating when I was exploring by making enemies so much stronger than you. It kinda dampens the feeling of wanting to explore more which is a shame.

    I’m not sure what I’ll end up playing next. Yakuza 6 is a contender but I’m not sure if I’m up for another open-worldish game at the moment. I hope you’re enjoying Detroit: Become Human and I’m also looking forward to E3 coming up soon!

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    • Oh dear. I still want to go back to it, but I wasn’t doing so hot at the combat. I mean, I was doing okay, but I never felt like I was in a good flow.

      I hear you on open world fatigue. I find myself yearning for titles that are under 8 hours. I definitely think there is a place for the shorter game.

      E3 YEAHHH!!!


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