Status Report: Week 21 (I Am Currently Boring)


My gaming life this past week has been eerily quiet. I mean, just look at that guy above; he’s been serenading my lack of gaming.

I’ve never had more games at my disposal to play, yet I’ve been playing almost nothing. It’s like a weird aversion that makes literally no sense. There are so many games I want to be playing (e.g.: God of War, A Way Out), yet, over the past week, I’ve played a bit of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and a bit of the Warmind expansion in Destiny 2. I didn’t even wind up playing my regularly scheduled Saturday night Borderlands 2 as my co-op partner’s game seems to be irredeemably corrupted (he tried for hours to get it working and it looks like hope is lost).

I am straight up in a gaming funk. Not even the looming release of Detroit: Become Human has been able to snap me out of this weirdness.

My goal this week is to play at least a couple of hours of something each day. We’ll see how that goes.

Since I have so little to report, I will keep this one short. Later this week I will talk about my E3 2018 “coverage,” but for now, I’m going to skitter away to think about all the games I’m not playing.

What will you be playing this week? Please regale me with tales of your gaming exploits. They sustain me.

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  1. I’m trying this small game about a proud warrior woman who fights robot dinosaurs. I forget the name, I think it’s Horizon something-or-other, but barely anyone talked about it. It’s pretty cool though! I killed it big boy dinosaur and it was good.

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  2. I plan to continue in God of War; just at the midpoint; I have met Mimir. Found out some interesting things about Freya. Looks can be deceiving!

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