I Want An InFamous Remaster So Bad

That’s it. I just want an inFamous remaster so bad. I’d love to see inFamous, inFamous 2, and Festival of Blood all smushed together and released for PS4. How so many other games have received the remaster treatment and this series has not baffles me.

Please, please, PLEASE Sucker Punch.

That’s it. That’s all I got. I just keep thinking about it and with E3 right around the corner, I always hope it might happen.

Disappointment city, here I come!


What will you be playing this weekend? I’d love to say I’m going to play something specific, but lately I’ve not been able to seal any deals of intention, so…if I play anything, I will be glad.

Please be safe out there friends. Cheers.

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  1. I have no idea what I’ll be playing, but it will be something. Now that the semester is FINALLY over for me, I have time to game again and I’m paralyzed with choice. I’m probably going to delve back into my Vita backlog though

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    • Congratulations on finishing another semester! It’s always funny to me how it can be so hard to choose a game from the wealth of options out there. I have the very same problem!


  2. I second the Infamous Remaster proposal. In fact, I might just dust off (*guilty look*) the ol’ PS3 and play them while I still can. P.S. I wish I could keep up with my gaming (and blog reading)!

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