My Nemesis

Back in 2013 I bought Dragon’s Crown for PS3 on a whim. I had loved the art style of Muramasa: The Demon Blade, and when I found out Vanillaware was at the helm for Dragon’s Crown as well, I was sold.

Also, side note: is it just me or is that font, the logo font, kind of difficult to read? If someone told me it didn’t actually say anything, I wouldn’t necessarily disbelieve them.


I dove in to the game, played it right to the end, and got stuck.

I assume it isn’t a spoiler (based on the title alone), that the final boss is a dragon. And I got stuck on that dumb dragon. Back in the day (I’m not sure if the Pro version is the same), if your character died, you had to either pay to resurrect them or they were just gone forever. After dying over and over and over to the jerkwad dragon, I finally put it down out of frustration. I’d never gotten to the final boss of a game before and not defeated said boss.

So the game sat dormant for years and years, five years to be exact, and now I have my chance to bring this one home.

Dragon’s Crown Pro: I’m coming for that dragon. And I’m going to defeat the crap out of him.

In theory, the boss fight seemed relatively straightforward. I assume I was just playing poorly or wasn’t timing things properly. At the time, I looked up strategies online and found many people had some of the same issues I did with the fight. At one point, I asked a friend who had the game to pop in and fight him with me, but that never panned out and the dragon, I assume, has been sitting there in his lair or cave or whatever laughing at me for these past five years.

Yeah, real funny, dragon. I failed.

Hardy har har.

But get your scaly a** ready, because I’m not giving up this time. I’m not the same person I was five years ago; I’ve defeated a lot of dragons since then.

I was trying to think of other games I never completed due to issues with the final boss; I can’t think of a single one other than Dragon’s Crown. I’m glad for that but, also, it makes me laugh that this one game gave me such trouble at the end that I couldn’t seal the deal and see credits roll.

Oh, life. You funny.

With that I ask: have you ever gotten to the end of a game, either the last level or the final boss, and not been able to complete said game? Which game/s? Would you ever go back and try to finish it/them?

And, for that matter, what games were you especially pleased to have triumphed over? What game most made you feel that elation/relief over completing it?

To be really honest, I’m not sure what my own answer would be for the latter question. Things to think about!

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  1. One of the Breath of Fires defeated me at the final boss. I think it might have been the third one. I just hadn’t done enough grinding — I was still relatively new to RPGs at the time so wasn’t overly familiar with the idea of grinding.

    I keep meaning to go back and play that game again as it was a great RPG, but I haven’t got around to it yet. One day!

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    • Oh man, I still remember when I really figured out I needed to grind in certain RPGs. So I definitely feel you there.

      Hopefully you can get to it now that it’s on current gen. I haven’t even booted it up yet. I hoping to this weekend.


  2. I played through Spider-Man 2 for PS2 in one single saturday when I was a kid. I got to the final fight with Dr. Octopus and died a few times before having to go somewhere else. I don’t know why but I never played that game again. I never beat Dr. Octopus, I didn’t even try to beat him again. And I have no idea why. I wish there was a easy way for me to replay this game, it was fun and I always think about my unfinished business with it.

    Last few days I’ve been trying to play Ninja Gaiden Black, I wasn’t really liking it but I didn’t want to give up so easily. I made through chapter 7 and I had to give up. I just wasn’t having fun anymore and the game has some cheap and annoying design that I can live without it. I really wanted to prove to myself that I could beat it, but I’ll have to live without beating it. There are more games to be played!

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    • How strange. Do you still have your PS2? Or one of the original PS3s? Not that you wouldn’t have thought of both options and I’m sure if you had either you’d have sought out the game again so what am I even saying? I don’t know.

      Honestly, I really respect that about you. You put in a good chunk of time but realized you weren’t having fun. I completely understand the feeling of wanting to beat a game, but I have slogged through so many games I wasn’t enjoying and for what? I don’t look back fondly on those experiences nor am I glad I played all the way through them. I need to take a page from your book on just move on if I’ve already sunk a bunch of hours into a game I’m just not feeling. I think that’s a far better use of time. Because you’re right: there ARE so many games to be played!!


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