Status Report: Week 20 (700)

Here we are, less than a month away from E3 2018. Last week there was a huge leak from Walmart Canada, and it looks as though at least one unannounced game on that list was for real: Rage 2. In rad fashion, Bethesda leaned in to the situation, all but confirming its existence. If the images leaked are to be believed, more information on Rage 2 specifically will be announced tomorrow.

It has to be supremely frustrating for a big developer/publisher like Bethesda to have a game leaked a month before E3. No matter how it’s handled, the situation is strange. If they acknowledge what happened, there will be a chuckle all around, but it still, unfortunately, leaves the official reveal a bit deflated. Even so, with the way the internet, data mining, and general leaks collide, keeping something a secret must be ridiculously difficult.

I can’t wait for E3. Aside from Halloween, it’s my favorite time of year.

This past week I managed to break my mostly gameless stride, and I’m grateful for that. I started in on Destiny 2’s new Warmind expansion and, while I’ve been enjoying it for what it is, I don’t necessarily see myself getting sucked back in for regular playtime.

I’ve been playing plenty of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp due to the seemingly endless events going on. Right now I’m battling the RNG to finish out the Fruit Party with Katie event. As with most of the gardening-based events, the spawn and catch rates are abysmal, but I’ve made peace with the fact that I might not get everything from the event and that’s okay. Disappointing, but still okay.

I played my regularly scheduled Borderlands 2 on Saturday night and we knocked out another DLC. Next up is my least favorite Borderlands 2 DLC (Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt), so I’m hoping we can blast through it to get to my favorite Borderlands 2 DLC: Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep. I’m also looking forward to revisiting the headhunter packs, as I only ever played each one once or twice.

I haven’t gotten back to God of War yet, but I’m grateful to at least have been playing anything on the console again. One of the games I’ve pre-ordered releases this week (GoNNER), and I’d have never known about it were it not for the PlayStation Store. The art style is neat, the platforming and fighting looks fun, and I’m excited to try it out for myself on Tuesday. Dragon’s Crown Pro will also arrive that day, and I’m looking forward to finally beating that game. When the original released back in 2013, I made it all the way through the game but never defeated the final boss (though I did try several times). Now I’m going to rope my partner in to play it with me, so that should be a good time, too.

Also, on the non-gaming related front, the royal wedding is less than a week away and I will assuredly be watching that live. I have a great fondness for the royal family and, even though I’m not what anyone would describe as romantic, I do find these occasions lovely. Looks like I will be hooking up the digital antennae for the first time in ages this week.

Fun fact: the only times I ever really hook up the digital antennae are for the Olympics or royal weddings. In fact, I bought the digital antennae back in 2011 for William and Catherine’s wedding.

Also, for what it’s worth, this piece, this piece you are currently reading (thank you, by the way), is the 700th piece I’ve written here on my site. I don’t really know what to think about that. I have a lot of thoughts on writing and my lack of trajectory, but I think I’ll save that one (or avoid it, as it were) for Thursday. Basically I’ve just been unsure if I want to keep writing. Again, more on that later.

Thank you, for being here, for reading what I write, and for being so supportive. I can never accurately explain how much those things mean to me, but I promise you I will keep being grateful for every moment of your time.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this week? I’m going to give myself a break (I haven’t been feeling well) and just play whatever I feel like. All too often I play what I feel like I should be playing, and I think I’m sapping the fun out of all the experiences I could be having. So this week is a free pass to play whatever appeals to me at the time.

Cheers, friends. Please be safe out there.

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  1. I’ll be at the midpoint of God of War this week. I finally get to “meet” Mimir; see what the big fuss is about. No spoilers please!

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    • Wheee!!! And I can’t possibly spoil it for you since I’ve only played for a couple of hours. If anything, you’d be the one who could potentially spoil it for me!

      But please don’t. :)


  2. I’m still moving along through God of War. I’m having a lot of trouble with the combat. I can’t seem to find a good rhythm and a lot of the enemies I encounter seem really overpowered, some killing me in one hit and no amount of upgrading and changing armor seems to help. I’m playing on normal difficulty too which makes me wonder how much more brutal the game is on harder difficulties. Otherwise it’s still fun and I’m sure I’ll see it through despite the frustration.

    Congratulations on your 700th post!

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    • Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that. I was also playing on normal (I only got about two hours into it), but I also found the combat difficult to get the hang of. Now I’m worried. I hope we can both figure it out and find a way to enjoy the moment to moment experience. Maybe switch the difficulty to easy? I know some people hate doing that, but the few times I’ve done it (the last game that comes to mind was Alice: Madness Returns), it made the experience more enjoyable. And I mean no disrespect in that thought.

      Thank you! So many words. And about what? Who knows. But thank you. :)


    • Have you upgraded Atreus? Are you playing close combat or long ranged? You might have to try & change some things around. Look at the walkthroughs as needed. Sometimes, it’s something minor, just a thought!

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      • I hadn’t, because I was only a couple of hours in. I’m still super early on. And I was playing both close range and long distance. I like to mix it up. I’m hesitant to look anything up yet since I’m not even far into it and I’m super paranoid about spoilers.


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