Status Report: Week 16 (Upside Down)

Each week I have the best of intentions about making gaming progress. Lately, those intentions have stayed just that: intentions.

It doesn’t help that my sleep is currently broken. It’s all upside down and wonky as heck. I will be awake literally all night long, then sleep for six straight hours during the day, thus pretty much rendering myself about as useless as possible. I’ve somehow neglected regular things (such as general cleaning and productivity), but I’d very much like to turn that around this week. There are many things that require attention and, I’m not going to lie, it would be great to get back to playing again, particularly with God of War so close on the horizon.

My goal this week (cue broken record) is to finish Far Cry 5 so I can be ready for God of War on Friday. I decided to switch my pre-order to GameStop so I can pick it up at faux midnight release and I’m so excited. Not only does the game look amazing, but I have a special fondness for the energy at midnight releases.

Also! Yakuza 6 arrives on Tuesday, and I have to say, I feel like I’m suddenly awash in amazing experiences. It’s a nice place to be.

I actually feel like, due to all the amazing games on deck, it might just be enough to push me to be more productive so I can get to everything.

All of a sudden I’m imagining Billy Joel’s Pressure as the theme song for this piece.

Over the weekend I did manage to finish something: my Friday the 13th marathon. And hoo boy, was that something.

I’d only ever seen 1 through 8 and the Killer Cut reboot, so this was my first time with Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, and Freddy Vs. Jason.

Wow, wowie, wow.

To be honest, while I certainly like some entries in the series well enough, there are so many stinkers, and that’s coming from someone who loves horror movies and has a special fondness for crappy horror movies, to boot. That being said, While I think 5 is the worst in the franchise, I was pleasantly surprised by Freddy Vs. Jason. Of course, maybe all the other movies had worn me down by that point, but I did think the premise of how they brought Freddy and Jason together was at least a novel plot point.

I hadn’t seen Friday the 13th: Killer Cut since it came out on DVD in 2009, so I’d largely forgotten a lot about it. It was better than I remembered but, still, after watching every movie in the series, I’m willing to admit that my standards might have been altered by that point.

I’m glad I saw the marathon through, and I’m also glad it’s over. It’s not like when I marathon the Halloween movies (every one of which I like, with the second film being the weakest in my opinion) and have a great time. One of these days I will marathon the Nightmare on Elm Street movies because I don’t think I’ve ever seen all of those, either. I know I’ve seen the first few but, beyond the first and second, I remember almost nothing.

Oh, horror movies. You crazy.

Anyway, this week will be all about plugging away at Far Cry 5. I’m hoping I can catch up with a friend and try out Arcade mode as well. I was supposed to do that over the weekend, but I completely blew that, too, with my messed up sleep.

I feel confident this week can be an improvement. I’m all about it. I’ve been thinking about how I can better manage my time, and I’d like to put some theories into practice. At this point, any progress would be good progress.

With that I ask: what will you be playing this week? Will you be picking up Yakuza 6 or God of War? Or both? Which upcoming game are you most excited about playing?

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  1. I’m hella hyped for both Yakuza 6 and God of War. Already pre-ordered Y6 on PSN and I plan to pick GoW friday night too! Great week for gaming!

    Also, last friday I watched A Quiet Place. When I bought the tickets, didn’t even noticed it was Friday 13th. It fit pretty well! It was a cool movie. Really tense. I’m happy for John Krasinski to finally get a breakthrough after The Office too.

    Happy week and keep fighting! Any progress still progress!

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    • YEAHHH BOIII!! This week is a big one!!

      Oh man, I’m so glad to hear the movie was good! I really want to see it, too.

      I wish you a happy week, too! And thank you. I’m going to do my best!


  2. Whew! It’s been a continued whirlwind. Over the weekend I watched a few movies, answered e-mails and wondered whether or not to buy God of War. A Quiet Place is great! I was lucky to see it with open captions. My only wish is that due to its subtitles for sign language, that the verbal dialogue was subtitled too in order to allow deaf and hearing audiences to watch it together without having to rely on an open caption showing. I returned to Observer for an afternoon to fit into a Friday the 13th themed weekend, it was fittingly eerie. I can only play it for so long before I need a break from the tenseness. My multiplayer game of choice has been a match of PUBG or Fortnite when I can. When I’ve time this week I think that I’d like to return to The Division.

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    • I so much wish for you that you could have some nice time to just relax and do whatever you wanted at your leisure. I really do.

      Oh, that would be so odd. I’m glad you enjoyed it, but I wish it had been better handled for captions.

      Oh gosh, I keep meaning to get to Observer, too!

      Which do you prefer? Fortnite or PUBG?


  3. I’m amped up for God of War. I can’t wait to see the GI Game Club of the first half. I’ll be playing that as time allows. Extra playtime this Friday; no line dancing. I’ll be up until ~1-2am. :)

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  4. I’ve been playing both Far Cry 5 and Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India but mainly focusing on Far Cry 5. I’ve made good progress through Far Cry 5 but I’m guessing I still have about a little less than half the game to go (2/4 cult leaders down).

    I’ve got Yakuza 6 pre-ordered through Amazon so I’m sure that will show up sometime this week and I’m probably going to pick up God of War. I’m pretty sure I’ll start with God of War first, but I do want to start Yakuza 6 soon after that. I hope that sleep will be better for you and that you get to have some great gaming time!

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    • You may have less than that if you are already two lieutenants down. Either way, I hope you are able to wrap it up sooner than later.

      Heck yeah!! You and I are taking them on in the same way (I’m jumping right in to God of War and then immediately into Yakuza 6). It’s so exciting!

      Aww, thank you. I would freaking love that.


  5. My primary focus right now is Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright now that I’ve finished Dead Rising 4 to a degree I’m satisfied with. The new God of War is reviewing really well, which is good since it’s such a departure from the old style.

    I wish you the very best to get yourself back on track.

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