Why Am I So Resistant To Playing Certain Games?

I take media recommendations seriously. If someone takes the time to recommend something to me, and especially when they explain why they think I, specifically, would enjoy it, I feel honored.

I feel like I’m frequently recommended games to play, movies to see, or books to read. In the rare cases I’m sent one of those things as a gift, I take that even more seriously because I don’t want to let down whoever sent the game/book/movie to me. I want them to know how much I appreciate it.

Of course, this doesn’t always work, and not for lack of wanting.

Case in point: late last year my good friend sent me a copy of Breath of the Wild for Switch as a surprise. I was so humbled and so excited to play it, but I was also about to leave for holiday and I didn’t take the Switch with me. I still haven’t played it and I feel terrible. I appreciate the gift so much, yet I still haven’t played the game, even though people have consistently raved about it.

A different friend sent me a book that looks right up my alley, and this was sent nearly a year ago; I’ve still yet to read it. Why? I have no good excuse, but I feel so bad that I haven’t read it.

Often my partner will play a game (he plays more than anyone else I know and also works multiple jobs and does all kinds of other positive things) and he will tell me something along the lines of, “I think you, especially, will really like this game.” There can be no higher recommendation than from him as he knows me, and my tastes, best. Yet there are countless games he’s suggested to me that I haven’t played.


I have no idea. I have no idea why I’m so darn resistant to certain recommendations. It’s like a big dumb mental block.

It’s a little like the same big dumb mental block I have even starting new games, period. I have no idea why that happens. I love new experiences. So why am I doing a whole lot of nothing when I could be doing a whole lot of something?

I have no good answer. And I’m not getting any younger and I’m never getting all the time I’ve wasted back.

That’s some scary sh*t right there.

Lately I’ve been trying hard to force myself to play even when I’m not feeling it. I’m almost always glad I’ve made that choice, but I do wonder why my inaction wins out so often over action.

I’ve had several people recommend Prey to me. I already know I love the art style, and the premise is intriguing. Have I even started it? NOPE.

I feel like a defective gamer. I have all these games at my disposal, yet I find myself not playing them. It’s a waste; both of money spent, as well as time not playing them.

I vow to be at least a little more like my partner and just jump in to new games and experiences no matter what else is going on. I see time passing me by and it’s frightening.

Do you also have trouble starting new games? How do you snap out of it? Or do you not snap out of it?


This weekend I’m hoping to wrap up Far Cry 5 for reals. I’d also really like to finally get to A Way Out. And my good friend and I are going to try to meet up for some online gaming, we just aren’t sure which game we’ll be playing quite yet. No matter what, it will be a good time. It’s been too long.

I’m also nearly at the end of my Friday the 13th movie marathon (oh thank god), so I will be wrapping that up!

With that I ask: what will you be playing this weekend? What do you have on deck for this Friday the 13th?

Please be safe out there, friends. Cheers!

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  1. To be fair, books and games can be a huge timesink so don’t be too hard on yourself :) As to your question, I’ll be on my favourite game Final Fantasy XIV :)

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    • True, indeed! I read far more often than I play games, I just need to balance those scales. I average a couple of books read a week, but I wish I could say the same of games completed!

      I hope you enjoy your time with FFXIV!

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  2. I often struggle to start something new because the time commitment scares me off. I normally just have to pull the trigger and start it or else I’ll find every excuse to keep avoiding it.

    This weekend, I’m hoping to play through The Walking Dead Season Three and get a good chunk of time in with Fortnite. Enjoy wrapping up your Friday the 13th marathon.

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    • That is eerily similar to how I wind up doing things, too. But I believe in us!

      Were you able to wrap up The Walking Dead? How did Fortenite go?

      I am VERY pleased my marathon is complete and overrr!!


  3. I do this sometimes. I buy a game on sale on Steam “I ALWAYS WANTED TO PLAY IT” and then it takes me years to play it. I used to be even worse. I got better when I started to list all games I beat, now I always feel compelled to play and finish the game just so I can add to my list! It’s dumb, but it helped me a lot to break the “barriers” I had with beating games. I started doing with movies now too. It’s a good carrot on a stick for me lol Now I’m always “LET’S PUMP THESE NUMBERS UP AND HAVE SOME FUN”

    This weekend I will be playing Telltale’s Batman even if I don’t like Batman. I always have a laugh playing Telltale games. But this week my heart will be full YAKUZA 6 and GOD OF WAR. I’m can’t contain the hype…specially after these God of War reviews.

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    • Oh boy do I relate to that! All of it! Also, I love your pep talks. :)

      YEAHHH!! They both have been reviewed so well and across the board, I am just completely hyped to get my hands on them, too!


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