Far Cry 5’s Post Launch Content

Last week Ubisoft released a post launch trailer for Far Cry 5; I’m not sure I’ve ever been as pumped for a game as I was for Far Cry 5 after watching it.

I mean, my excitement for the game is already at fever pitch. That post launch content trailer just sent me over the top.

The Far Cry series is among my favorites of all time and for very specific reasons. I love the random crap that happens. I love the feeling of being empowered when facing insurmountable odds. I love the off-the-wall bonkers sh*t that happens and hits you out of nowhere. I love the drug-fueled segments where you’re not sure what exactly is happening. I love the so-wrong-it’s-perfect moments. I love that feeling of being one person taking on a mission because gosh darn it, it has to be done and no one else can pick up the mantle.

Far Cry 3 is my favorite in the series, and I can pinpoint certain moments (but I won’t due to spoilers) that just clicked with me. Brian Tyler’s score still reins supreme as my favorite video game soundtrack of all time. Everything in that game came together for me, and the music (both the score and the licensed music) drove much of that home.

As soon as Far Cry 5 was announced and the premise revealed, I was on board. The idea of a French company taking on the story of a crazed American religious cult just screamed YES to me. I’m so into it that I recently bought the tie-in novel (Far Cry Absolution) and I’m enjoying learning more about the events preceding the game.

So imagine my complete glee when I saw that post launch trailer well ahead of the base game’s release.

I mean, let’s be real: the only thing that could have made me any more excited would be the announcement of more Blood Dragon.

I’m still holding out hope.

The three DLC releases of the season pass all look excellent. Hours of Darkness has a very Apocalypse Now vibe. I’m down. Lost on Mars looks like Starship Troopers complete with huge, weird space spiders. In the trailer, you can see your character way up in the air and I can’t wait to find out if that means you have a jet pack or can simply jump crazy high. The Dead Living Zombies DLC looks like an atmospheric horde mode, and I’m freaking down for that, too. Add to all this that the entire game (and presumably all the DLC) is playable in co-op and I am the happiest of campers.

But that’s not even everything!

If you get the season pass, you get Far Cry 3 Classic Edition four weeks before it launches! For someone like me who loves the game and loves the idea of being able to screenshot and take video capture of it, I couldn’t be more pleased.


The trailer also talked about two things I’m incredibly excited for: Far Cry Arcade and Live Events. Arcade is a hybrid map editor and game design tool. They are free to everyone and Ubisoft will be periodically creating several levels themselves.

I’ve never successfully created a level in a game, unless you count the one and only “level” I made in LittleBigPlanet which was really just a free-form museum of my appreciation of water physics and barnacles.

Seriously. There were hundreds of barnacles. For no reason other than that I really like barnacles. And the word “barnacle.”

Ubisoft is making assets from their other properties available to use in the map editor/level design suite, and included in those properties is Blood Dragon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that means we just might see more Blood Dragon again someday.

I’d love to try my hand at creating levels to see if I could become any good at it. The pre-made levels from Ubisoft already look intriguing; I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

The Live Events are just that: limited time events that net unique rewards. In a subsequent trailer they talk about having certain events each Friday and that appeals to me so much. I love the idea that they are treating Far Cry 5 as a destination to frequent and not just vacation.

Far Cry 5 releases on 03.27.18. Two weeks from yesterday. You can bet I’m counting the days.

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    • Doesn’t it?! I feel like they are knocking this out of the park. And, if I understood correctly, the same team that brought us Blood Dragon is bringing us all the DLC content. That pedigree alone makes me ridiculously excited. I also like that the season pass isn’t nebulous at all. It’s like, here it is, let’s all get excited.

      And I have definitely gotten excited!

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  1. Wow, that’s a pretty full-featured season pass. I’m glad that Ubisoft was more upfront about what your money gets you in terms of content. I really hope that Far Cry 5 will be successful and hopefully a possible game of the year contender since it looks really fun to me.

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