Status Report: Week 11 (Just Two More Weeks To Go!!)

It’s just over two weeks until Far Cry 5 releases and I am so ready. I couldn’t be more ready. I mean that literally. I have my steelbook edition and collector’s edition guide pre-ordered from Amazon but, this last week, I realized that would mean I may have to wait until up to 8pm on release day for the game to arrive.

With most games, that wouldn’t phase me in the least, but with this game, this particular game, I don’t want to wait.

So, yesterday, I went to GameStop and pre-ordered the standard edition so I could pick it up at faux midnight release.

I’m going to start playing that game as soon as I possibly can.

I would have felt badly about doubling up on a pre-order, but with the entire game capable of being played in co-op, I feel certain my partner will make use of that copy at some point.

All my brain seems capable of thinking about is FAR CRY 5 ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Over the weekend I was out of town and tried to restrict the amount of handheld devices I took with me. I only took my phone and my PS Vita and that actually worked out well. I kept up with my borderline obsession with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, but also finally got to some other games that had been sitting on my Vita for some time.

I played this strange and super tiny game called It’s Spring Again. I had no idea what to expect, but the entire thing took about 10 minutes. The voice over wasn’t great, and the level of interaction was minimal and clunky at best, but it’s always fun to see an artistic representation of the seasons changing.

Once that was finished, I finally started Undertale. I know so many people love the game, but I felt like I wasn’t clicking with it no matter how hard I wanted to. I know a pacifist run is possible so I didn’t fight anyone, but I’m apparently not good at the dodging mechanic (you have a heart in this little box and you have to move it around to keep stuff from hitting it) whether I was using the analog stick or the d-pad. I also found the battles to be repetitive and certain parts of the game a bit confusing. I finally stopped at a point when I couldn’t get past a character who wanted to keep me from leaving a house. I’d like to keep at it, but I’m certain I will need to look up a strategy guide, at least for that part.

I also finally tried Kung Fury and, while I fully admit I’m not super adept at arcade brawlers, I never even got past the first level. I tried at least half a dozen times, and the latter tries were fully fueled by the bitchin’ soundtrack. Either I was way more tired than I thought when I was playing it, or I super suck at Kung Fury.

After I failed to succeed there, I decided to start Touch My Katamari and wow is that a weird a** game. I kind of loved it. I loved the soundtrack, the visuals, and the sheer weirdness of rolling a bunch of stuff together. I’m still not sure what to make of the main dude and his dance every time he eats a new Katamari I’ve created. He seems very…aroused by some of them. And he is wearing a skintight golden leotard so…yup.

I love weird games.

This week I hope to get to some smaller titles. I refuse to start a large game before Far Cry 5 drops later this month. The last thing I want to worry about is rushing to finish a game before one of my most anticipated titles period lands.

That means I’m going to try to wrap up certain games. I never finished Titanfall 2 so I’d like to do that. I’d also like to finally play Nex Machina. I was partway through Crossing Souls so I’d definitely like to put more time in there, and that also makes me realize I never finished What Remains of Edith Finch because it tried very hard to make me urp but I’d still like to finish it. And, in alphabetical order, here are the other smaller titles I’d like to get to: Among the Sleep, Beholder, Blackwood Crossing, Bound, Celeste, Don’t Knock Twice, Dying: Reborn, Far From Noise, Here They Lie, Knee Deep, Murdered: Soul Suspect, Observer, Past Cure, Perception, Polybius, Slayaway Camp, SOMA, The Mummy Demastered, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Thimbleweed Park, and…oh for goodness sake. There are so many freaking titles here.

Deep breath.

What I really need to do is finally finish Everything. I haven’t wanted the experience to end, but I also know now is the time. I both want and need to see it through.

With that I ask: what are you hoping to play this week? Any new releases on your radar?

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  1. That’s quite a variety of games you played and hope to get to! I hope you’re able to complete a few of those games before Far Cry 5 releases. I can almost feel the excitement you have for it through the screen! :)

    I’m still playing Gleaner Heights and Super Mario Odyssey on and off. I haven’t decided on another game to pass the time now that I finished Yooka Laylee and collected all the items (Platformers tend to make me do that more often than not). As for upcoming releases, March has me excited for a few games. I’m looking forward to Yakuza 6, Attack on Titan 2 and of course Far Cry 5. Depending on what I decide to do, it could be an expensive month of gaming for me.

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    • It’s a stupidly ambitious list and I bet I won’t get to 10% of them, but still, GOAAALS!!

      Oh man, I am so excited I’m counting the days in my head. When I went to place the pre-order for the standard edition at my GameStop, the guy (who I know from over the years) was like, we will call you to remind you when it releases and I was like, I GOT THIS (but thank you). :)

      How are you liking Gleaner Heights? I also think it’s interesting that platformers bring out the collector in you. How do you fare during other games? Oh man, if you are a collector, Ubisoft games must just be crazy for you!

      Oh yeah, Yakuza 6!! Oh, for real, we are heading into a really expensive season for gaming.


      • I’m enjoying Gleaner Heights. There’s a familiar feeling of getting lost in the routines like Stardew Valley but there are also interesting differences like leveling up your character by doing the various tasks and using tools like you do in Skyrim. Once a level is achieved that night you can select a perk Fallout style. There are also a lot of secrets hidden around the area. My friend has been playing as well and showed me quite a few interesting things.

        Yeah platformers have always done that for me as far back as Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. I can’t help but be enamored by the idea of finding every secret or item and the possibility of a reward for doing so. Ubisoft games and open world games in general do this to me too. Thankfully games make it a bit easier to find the collectables in game nowadays. I’ve spent many hours going through vague walkthroughs looking for a few missing items.

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        • That sounds really cool. I hope it comes to consoles, too, at some point. I’m intrigued.

          I love that you love it! And yes, games are so much better about that now.


  2. My gosh, you sure are excited for Far Cry 5 aren’t you? I loved Undertale, but I agree with you that the battle system can be frustrating. Most of the bosses gave me a hard time when I first played it. I think you should keep at it though, the game gets real crazy later on. If nothing else the characters are really fun.

    At long last, I’ve beaten Bravely Default. Currently I’m playing Dead Rising 4 and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions. I’m considering playing the Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover game soon.

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      That actually helps to know, honestly. I will keep at it.

      Hey, congratulations! Also, you always seem to be playing an interesting assortment of games. I love it.


    • I both want to and need to, so I will. It is meaningful in ways I didn’t know I wanted games to even be.

      I hope you enjoy Heavenly Sword and your return to Skyrim.


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